It's that time of the year again.... Miami Carnival!  We are getting ready for the next closest thing to a Caribbean Carnival within the USA.  We did not do a TJJ Report Card last year, but we did do our analysis.

You should already have your ticket already in hand as they still going for $265.00 USD on average from the NE.  Get your place to rest and car to get you to the fetes because you done know there is no train to move your around! ;-)

TJJ TV - Miami Carnival 2008 "On D Road Memories"

Miami Carnival Parade 2008

Now, lewwe talk parties.  If you have not seen the listing take a peak first.

Tues/Wed? Yuh early!!
Options are South Beach (enjoy de water) or under populated soca parties at odd night clubs.  I know we usually say this Carnival is Thurs night to Sunday night at a minimum. But Wed night is building up nicely.  Besides, it never hurt to go and set up camp early and get some R&R before the action takes off.

Thur? For those who landing early-ish...
Socavivor - Event 2 - Naughty or NiceGirl Power Miami 2009TRIBE Ignite - Miami. Everything you expect from TRIBE. I hear you must hit up annual Miami Rise Meets Shine NY to keep the vibe rolling straight til like 12pm on Friday.

Friday? Some of the biggies include:
Scruples Free Drinks Block-O 2009 is a staple event,
Black and White, Safari consistent and now joining the Friday night madness is Super F.R.I.E.N.D.S 'Miami Carnival 2009 Episode' ... and that is only half the big guns. Let's not forget the Socavivor series - Event 4 - Int'l Flag Night and Soca Gold Miami 2009. And it ent done yet... MIAMI VICE ft Bunji, Fay-Ann, Beenie Man and more in the mix too! What is your dance for Friday night?

Saturday? Is All Inclusive day...
Which is your party of choice?  There was a lot mixed reviews last year for this evening, so instead of One (1) UWI All Inclusive fetes ... now we have TWO (2)!!  For massive crowd and live performances, there's the Re-Birth of D Convention Center Fete ... "Socafest 2k9". Also DV8 Miami coming back to defend again and the list goes on. And if you didn't hear as yet, Vale Vibe is making it's debut with D' Original Diamond Vale Breakfast Party Miami.

Sunday? is Unity for the first time in years...
We will all be getting what we asked for Broward and Miami are now one.  These changes going to make Miami Carnival 2009 one to remember for all time.  If we had 25 thousand in Broward and 25 thousand in Miami.  I doh even want to imagine the craziness this year...

Disclaimer: Professional and experienced TJJ Fet-a-lot-athon® Party Gurus have rigorously tested these Carnival grounds and are providing said recommendations based on the fundamentals that the audience is a healthy rum drinking islander. If while performing any of these actions you begin to feel any dizziness, fatigue or pain please stop and consult your physician immediately.