Best Ways for Students to Find a Job After Graduation

Why can't I get a job, we hear you cry. It is very hard for students to get jobs right out of university, especially now. Fortunately, there are ways to make the process easier, and we are here to help you with them. Read on for help with the job hunting!

Use LinkedIn and other social media

The first step in finding a job is to learn the proper use of social media. Reliable resume writing service Resumethatworks advise you to make sure to have information on LinkedIn and know how it works, it is available for you.

Using social media is important because it gets you out there into the world. It can help you shape your online persona in ways that businesses want to see.

Everyone already uses some form of social media by now, but there is an art to using to make sure that you get a good job after graduation. Particularly when it comes to LinkedIn, it can some practice to get things exactly right. Joining the proper groups, following the proper accounts, making the proper connections…It all matters. It gets easier as you do it more, so don’t worry if these things seem daunting.

Make a good job on your resume and CV

You really need a good CV when you are finding your way into the world of work. There are a number of guides on how to write a student CV, so you will be able to find something to help you.

The CV and cover letters you send out to potential employers are the first time they see anything of you. First impressions are very important; you need to wow people with your cover letter so that they look at your CV. Then you need to wow them again with your CV so that you can get an interview.

As with social media, getting this right takes time and effort. But it is necessary time and effort, since a CV is absolutely needed for anything to do with work. Do a good job, and you will see results.

Be active, don’t waste any minute

Learn how to write a graduate CV first thing. You will need it as you advance further into the workforce. Yes, as a recent graduate you may not have the fullest CV out there, but everyone starts somewhere! You can fill it up as you go along.

Don’t waste any time when you are looking for a job! Don’t sit there and wait for people to contact you when you have sent them your CV. Look around you for opportunities that might be helpful. Try and find training, volunteer jobs, lectures, and more, anything that might help further your goal when it comes to getting a job.

If you haven’t yet graduated, try and get an interview with your college employment office. They have staff there who will tell you how to get the experience you need for jobs you are looking at. It will all work out in the end, don’t worry. Just keep plugging away at it!

Research market

Any writer from Essay Kitchen knows the importance of research! When you want to break into a market, it is vitally important that you do your research.

Looking into the market gives you a number of advantages.
  • You will learn what the expectations are for people working there (and so be able to patch up your CV with whatever you have missed)
  • You will learn about training or internship opportunities (both of which are very helpful in trying to get jobs)
  • You will learn about important people in the job market (knowing about them will give you a leg up in the market)
Whatever you do, don’t go into a market with no research whatsoever!

Best Ways for Students to Find a Job After Graduation


It’s an unfortunate fact of the modern world that very few jobs with no experience needed exist. It’s something of a problem for many graduates. The only jobs that are available ask for experience, but you can’t get experience unless you have a job.

What are you meant to do?

It is a very frustrating situation, but fortunately, volunteering can fill the gap. See if there are any openings for volunteers in your field. If there aren’t, don’t worry! Lots of skills are transferable between jobs. If you volunteer for one particular job, you might be able to transfer the skills from that into the job field you prefer.
Volunteering plays a vital role in many CVs – try and keep up with what is available for your field. A volunteering job will fill your time before work.

Try different ways to grow your search

If you can’t find any jobs within your own field, don’t give up hope! All you need to do is widen your search a little, and you are sure to find something. Remember that anybody who looks at CVs for students is going to be looking for adaptability and agency. Getting jobs that are slightly outside of your chosen wheelhouse will serve you well.

As we said above, remember that skills are transferable. Not everyone manages to get the job of their dreams immediately. So they look elsewhere for jobs and opportunities to fill their time. The worst thing you can have on your CV is a big unexplained gap – fill it by finding a job that has transferable skills. When you do find the job you want, you will be much better placed for an interview.

Create your own website

Chris Allen web designer from says: “If you want to stand out from the crowd, create your own website. People normally associate personal websites with people who run their own businesses, writers, or freelancers. But anybody can create a website; it is the same as a CV; just a bit more involved.”

If you make a personal website, you can then put that website on business cards, in your email signatures, and more. It becomes very easy to get your name out there. You can even link your social media channels to it! This means that people who come to your site can have access to every part of your presence on the internet. Personal websites can be very useful indeed.

Everybody wants to be sure that they can get jobs after graduation. It’s a given. The job hunt is really tough right now, to be fair to everyone on it. Follow the tips we give in this article! They will help you to find the job you were hoping for!