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"The Carnival Doctor"

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    So here's the deal, whether you a veteran or a virgin or an experienced fetter or a neophyte you have either been on the giving end or receiving end of this particular phenomenon.  It's something that men say happens rarely and women say happens frequently.  But there's really no way of knowing the frequency without taking a survey or poll. But you be the judge!

    Question for
    The Carnival Doctor

    Dear Carnival Doctor, I am coming to TNT carnival 2016 celebrating my 42nd birthday. I If you are true to your words, I need help with Vale Breakfast tickets. I need 14 tickets. Can you help me, please? Thanks for the willingness to help and for your advance assistance if you can make this happen.

    I cannot tell you how many fetes sell male and female tickets and do not account for the different amenities that women need when utilizing restrooms. Man, this is NOT j'ouvert. These are fetes and most of them high-end fetes. In such fetes I am expecting the restroom area to be top notch as it was in Soca Brainwash.

    Also the signage, the cups that served at souvenirs, and the venue were spectacular.

    The fete started somewhat late but this is not a complaint and is just looked at as a trend of Soca Brainwash. The fete starts later than advertised and goes later than advertised.

    There are few situations in life where you can do what you like, as you like it and it is okay. Few places where you can be a kid and throw paint and mud and oil. There are few times in life where such behavior is acceptable. And it’s ...

    Will I attend The "Big Phat Fish" Fete next year? YES!

    The Big Phat Fish Fete was the first fete that I attended for Miami Carnival. I can’t say that there is such thing as a bad fete. I’ve personally, never attended a bad fete. I have attended some fetes where I have left early because I just could not shift my attitude but that was me. There were plenty people in the fete that I called “bad” who where having a great time. That being said, Big Phat Fish, was a good fete for me. Mainly because I was able to shift my attitude and make it a good one.

    We all have out pet peeves when it comes to fetes. Some people, like my friend Roxanne, does get vexed when the bartenders does pour stingy and big she cup up with ice and no rum. And then there are some that get vexed when the DJs play too many hip hop and reggae sets in a soca fete.

    I don’t drink, but I do drink loads of water in the fete and have to use the restroom often. What upsets me is when........

    "Arrivals may indeed be the best fete of Miami Carnival. And Soca Brainwash may be the best 'new fete' but the Vale Breakfast Fete is The GREATEST fete of Miami Carnival! PERIOD."
    - Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

    Soca Brainwash

    For me, Soca Brainwash was THE BADDEST fete of Miami.

    Trini Jungle Juice: Arrivals

    Winston Tavares said, "Arrivals set the tone for the carnival weekend. Soca Brainwash kept the feverish pace going."

    *** Do Not Get Weary In Your Well Doing!!! ***

    The life of a fetter is hard. The life of a carnival veteran is difficult.

    Look, I know it and you know it.

    We spend our time taking care of others and making things like acquiring tickets and getting access into parties, fetes and limes look easy. We also make the process of getting into bands and registered for them look easy as well. 

    So much so that people don't realize that it is years and years of experience, networking, money spent, cultivating relationships and mistakes.... costly mistakes, which allow us to do the things that we do - And help the way that we help.

    There's no worse feeling that going out of your way to help others or having virgins or newbies cause extra steps in the process because they stick and get off pace. They just don't understand. 
    There are few things that I regret in life or wish that I could do differently, but this is one of them.

    The Carnival Doctor wears many hats, one of them is the hat of Professor. So, I teach the students who attend classes at the university level.  And I do believe that the children are our future and we should teach them well and let them lead the way. I believe in all of that. 

    I also believe that a cup's value is in its opportunity to be filled and to allow the contents to be poured elsewhere. And with that being said, I also believe in fetting so that I can be emotionally and spiritually replenished for work and my regular activities. 

    With all of that said........

    As Miami Carnival ramped up and got into full swing many people were wondering, "Where is Machel?"

    It was almost unfathomable to think that the largest carnival in North America and one of the largest cities in the world which happens to also be a yearly carnival hot spot would not be graced by the presence of the largest and most prominent figure in soca music.  From what I understood, it was almost unprecedented for a Soca Monarch Winner to not attend Miami Carnival in recent history.

    With that being said, I do know that there were many veterans who were hyping up the presence of Machel in Miami only to have to let their newbies know that Machel didn't show.

    As a member of the media, I have every right to be critical of Machel's lack of presence at Miami Carnival. As a carnival goer I have every right to feel like I've been robbed of my full fetting experience because I was not able to see Machel perform live during carnival.  
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