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"The Carnival Doctor"

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    When you want to fete or lime as a single parent the first thing that you think about is coverage.  Yes, coverage.  You want to know if you are going to be able to get someone to watch  your kid while you hang out. And you have to be aware of how much you are going to need this person in the future and you don't want to ask too often and wear out your welcome.  Because here are the usual options:

    1. You pay for a babysitter/Nannie
    2. You have friend who watches your child sometimes and you watch hers at times
    3. Your parents watch the child/children while you go out but you ALWAYS have to deal with the possibility of getting "that look" upon the pickup of the child
    4. You can ask the father to watch the child while you hangout (which is usually NOT an option at all)

    Now, all of these options have to be put into place solidly BEFORE you say that you can or cannot go to a fete or carnival. This is such a hurdle for attending carnival and if not, it is one for attending carnivals back to back to back. Especially if your little one(s) is/are young.

    I have literally heard people cry over the phone because they will miss Miami Carnival after missing Trinidad Carnival in the same year because they do not have anyone to watch their child.  It is rough and it is one issue for which I have only one solution.

    Here's My Solution
    This Message Has Been Brought
    To You By The ONLY Book Endorsed
    By TriniJungleJuice and MyCarnivalBands

    Look, it doesn’t matter if you are a Carnival Virgin  or a Carnival Veteran, there is so much to learn about Carnival and many ways to improve your experience and make your experience richer than before.

    So here’s what we are going to do.

    We are going to provide you with some tips from one of our in-house Carnival Specialist – Dr. Rhadi Ferguson, also known as the “Carnival Doctor”.   Dr. Ferguson is a 2004 Olympian, a former National Judo Coach for the Bahamas Judo Federation, a bona-fide carnival junkie and the man that has written the go-to guide for all carnival virgins on the planet on the best way to prepare for carnival.

    So without any further adieu, lets begin.
    In a perfect world. Most of us would travel, fete, do carnivals and have most road experiences on Saturday so that we can make our way into church on Sunday for the FULL spiritual experience of carnival.  But traveling is limited via budget constraints and responsibilities.  For some of us, fetting is limited per babysitting coverage and having a good fete to go to.  And for others, doing carnival is a matter of money, resources and time. 

    No matter what the hurdle, we all have our challenges. We all overcome them in some form or fashion but none of us can lie..... We've all missed a fete, a carnival or a quality soca experience because "real life" got in the way. 

    There are few scenarios that I have watched happen during my carnival experiences in speaking with various carnival veterans and carnival virgins.  I have also experienced some of them myself and would like to address them, the hurdles which they present and some possible solutions. 

    So here we go.
    So here's the message that I got in my inbox:

    "TCD can you please speak to personal hygiene when on the road and while fetting.  My friend and I were at a fete and this one dude was so funky that we couldn't believe it. I'm not even sure that he knew it. He was so well dressed and kinda handsome but my goodness, he was so funky."

    - Kay S.

    It seems like fete and road hygiene is an issue from the inbox messages that I've been receiving so I ga address it right now.

    I would like to apologize in advance if this offends anybody but, this has to be addressed. And I'm not going to mince any words because I feel very strongly about personal hygiene and let's keep it real.... We are all grown.

    We all know standard fete and road etiquette. We know if you want to pass by somebody, you give a lil tap on the shoulder on the hip, say pardon me or excuse me when appropriate and make your way through the crowd. We know if you don't want to wine, that you can just take a step forward or give a 2 second wine with a back way "bump off" and that is enough for a person to know that this dance is now done.

    I mean, we all know some of the unwritten and written rules of fetting. 

    But let's talk about hygiene and the imperatives.
    TRIBE Band Launch is Done.

    St. Lucia Carnival is Done.

    And now many are looking at the
    FEATURED EVENTS listing and asking themselves, "What's next?"

    For many, that answer is CROPOVER!!

    As one of the MAJOR locations on the World Carnival Calendar, Cropover is the highlight for many revellers across the globe.

    Therefore, it is the job of The Carnival Doctor to make sure that you are armed with the correct information, especially if you are a carnival virgin. 

    The key with carnival virgins is to make sure they are not overwhelmed. If you are a carnival veteran, you may find this information somewhat redundant, a little bit helpful, but most importantly worthy of passing on to a fellow carnival virgin so that you can have a conversation about what to do and where to start as it relates and pertains to Cropover.

    So with that being said.... Let's begin!

    The Tribe Band Launch Is Done.

    St. Lucia Carnival is Done.

    And now many are looking at the
    FEATURED EVENTS listing and asking themselves, "What's next?"

    Well, there are many options but one of them is not even a carnival BUT it should be on your "Carnival Bucket List." And just to let you know how serious it is, think about this.  It is NOT a carnival but it has been covered by TriniJungleJuice on several occasions. And as authorities on all things carnival, when TJJ covers something that is on an island and is NOT a carnival, that is reason enough to at least take a look at it. 


    As  carnival revellers of the world prepare for Caribana and Barbados, there are some who are making a different choice this year and looking forward to experiencing something different. 

    Some are looking at Cup Match in Bermuda. 


    As the carnival revellers of the world prepare for Caribana there are many things that have to and should be done.  Outside of housing and travel arrangements which should be made already, one has to secure fete tickets and find themselves in a band.

    But the question is,  "What fetes should I attend?"

    To the veteran of Caribana this is no problem.  But to the first timer, neophyte, newbie or veteran, maybe a little guidance is necessary. And that is why TJJ is here along with The Carnival Doctor, to provide you with a prescription for happiness.  :-) 

    And while there are many prescriptions out there which may satiate your needs, here is one that has had a high level of success.

    These are the fetes that we recommend that you attend during Caribana 2015....

    The year is halfway over and we are getting ready to finish off the 2015 Carnival Season with a bang.  With the same fervor and excitement that we began the year, is how we will end the year.

    Many of you right now are in the initial stages of planning for Miami Carnival. 

    And there are are some of you who are right now in the throes of preparing for Cropover, Caribana, or Cup Match in Bermuda.

    And those of you who are seasoned veterans are already planning for Carnival in TNT for 2016 and have a stable of carnival virgins that you are coaching in Whatsapp, facebook and email chat group.  Trust me when I tell  you that we know and we understand.

    And those of you who are SUPER serious about carnival already have your airfare and housing booked for Trinidad in 2016!

    Look here, if there's one phrase that you've heard from being in the carnival movement it is this one, "Carnival is PACE!

    And while that phrase can pertain to many things about carnival, the one which I talk about the most is that of "staying on pace."

    And here's my review of the A.M.Nesia boat ride.

    The Arrival

    First and foremost, I was WARNED to arrive early.

    I was told of several cases and stories of people running toward the boat as the boat was pulling off in previous years because people wanted to be either "fashionably late" or they thought that the time mentioned for the commencement of the boat ride was a "loose time." 

    Here's your fair WARNING!!!  It is not. 

    This boat ride WILL leave you if you are not on time!

    On Board

    Most parties have a warmup period before they start. I make sure to mention those that don't and those fetes where the action starts immediately. 
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