5 Minutes With

5 Minutes With...

We've done the "21 Questions With", we've done the audio one-on-one chats, we've done the video interviews - and we're not going to stop - BUT in true Jungle Juice style & fashion, you know we have to flip de script and give you something NEW, HOT and EXCITING!

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    5 Minutes With S.K.H.I

    After meeting up with artist S.K.H.I at his house to do a small photoshoot, we thought the mood and atmosphere most appropriate to get a little more up close and personal with the man himself. You know, just to find out a couple things that we are sure most people would not have even figured or knew about de man, TJJ style of course ... yea how about a "5 Mins With" session. We are sure the fans are curious to know the new ...

    What's up Honey Bunches of Oats?! It's Text-A-Holic Juice liming side stage at The Base night club in Brooklyn enjoying the first taste of Soca for the loyal party goers from NY back fresh from Carnival. Some missed all the action for 2kWine so some of the action came to them. Mr. Iwer George just got off stage and took a cool down before heading out... but not before I scooped him up for a quick one on one with ...

    5 Minutes With Maxi Priest

    After seeing Peter Ram toss and spin around one smallie on stage during his performance of "Tight" at the annual "Wicked In White" carnival fete, we didn't think it was going to get any better as far as the night's entertainment. But it did! The "King of Lovers Rock" Maxi Priest made a surprised appearance alongside Shurwayne Winchester and his band Y.O.U., giving the ladies a even bigger shock as he ...

    5 Minutes With Nadia Batson

    After blending with my Caribbean people throughout the night at Soca or Die 9, I was lookin to watch up with my favourite Caribbean girl Nadia Batson.  I caught up with her backstage jes maxin n' relaxin to de sweet Toronto vibes and there was no better time to do a 5 minutes with meh girl yes! She was in de best mood ever, smiles from ear to ear so that was definitely ah plus! We grabbed ah couch and an adult beverage n with no stickin' Mizz Kayz and Nadia B went to work!

    5 Minutes With Lyrikal

    Hey Honey Bunches of Oat's! It's Text-a Holic Juice in the hizzy and I'm doing what I do best ... which is liming in somebody party! J Well, just as I was settling in, I saw Trinidadian lyricist, Lyrikal, walking through the crowd. Having worked with everyone from Da Ma$taMind to Studio 53, I knew I had to scoop Lyrikal up for a 5 Minutes... so off I went to talk to the humble singer mid-wine on the dancefloor.

    5 Minutes With Problem Child

    Mizz Kayz was on de beat this weekend at Dr. Jay's Soca or Die 9 in Toronto, where all the party animals were out in abundance! The show was incredible so you could only imagine the pressure I went through to have a lil' one on one time with all the artists. Small thing though. As always, I worked my magic and caught up with St. Vincent's "Party Animal" backstage, getting up close and personal. With no hesitation, Problem Child grabbed my arm and gave me the green light... so here we go!

    5 Minutes With Scarface

    Mawnin! Le Petit Juice coming to you straight from Binghamton University 2008 Carnival where Mix Juice and I are touring with Bunji, Fay-ann and The Asylum Band. We had about half an hour before we had to hop back on the tour bus so I decided to link up with Scarface at the hotel to grill him about everything that's going on with the talented Trini. 5 Minutes With Scarface starts right now!

    Hey Honey Bunches of Oats! I'm hanging out on the Blazer Affair Moonlight Cruise, yes a boatride in the middle of November! Just because it's cold doesn't mean we stop partying! As I was jammin', I noticed none other than Dawg-E-Slaughter aka Mr. Slaughter himself, multi-talented artist and also one of the best DJ's (X-caliber Sound) straight out of TnT on the wheels of steel. There was no question that I had to do a 5 mins with him and although it was freezing where we were, it was definitely worth it!

    5 Minutes With Rupee

    Hey y'all! TJJ caught up with Rupee at the fabulous Antilia Carnival event in money makin' Manhattan! Let me tell you, this was no easy task. After he was through making all of the gyal dem in the crowd break a sweat, I followed a swarm of women who trailed behind him and got into VIP where we pulled up some chairs and chatted with the calm, collected Bajan!

    5 Minutes With Gyptian

    About 1 hr ago, I received a phone call letting me know that Gyptian would be signing autographs and promoting his new album "I Can Feel Your Pain" at the VP Records retail store on Jamaica Ave in Queens, New York. As it happens, I was already in the vicinity and decided to drop by and link up with the man himself. I also caught up with him at his performance last week at Club Tobago, where he mash up the place with Mega Banton (see coverage)! 5 Minutes With Gyptian starts right now!
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