5 Minutes With

5 Minutes With...

We've done the "21 Questions With", we've done the audio one-on-one chats, we've done the video interviews - and we're not going to stop - BUT in true Jungle Juice style & fashion, you know we have to flip de script and give you something NEW, HOT and EXCITING!

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    5 Minutes With Marlon Asher

    Finally, a reggae artist from Trinidad coming to town to represent for the island and show that we could roll with the big dogs. Tonight would be a night for small victories and Marlon Asher would be leading the charge!! A quick stop in Amsterdam on his European tour promoting his new album called "Unconditional Love." The original Ganja Farmer in Ganja Land!!! I don't care where you from, what language you speak, or what colour you are, everybody and they granny know the ...

    5 Minutes With Beres Hammond

    Singer and song writer in one? Most definitely! Stage presence? Fantastic! Heavy impact on the women? Certainly!! Melodious voice? Oh gosh yes! Okay, okay, the chief himself, Hugh Beresford Hammond, in the flesh, true talk, no lie, we got him, and it wasn't easy! Beres is a hard man to catch up with but TJJ going de distance. After sitting and waiting for almost two hours to try and find a way to catch up with the boss, Beres finally came out of his hotel and JoyJuice sprung into action. After his magnificent performance at the "One Love Festival" in Charlotte NC the night before, TJJ just had to get Beres to do a "5 Minutes With" us and when asked for an interview, the humble Beres said with a grin, "Come on man, let's go on the Tour Bus" and we were off and running.

    5 Minutes With H2O Phlo

    Amiel here unplugged, degreased and sort of dressed sharply to attend the Miss Trinidad and Tobago UK 2008 Pageant Competition! Real Vibes! Reading the programme, I saw H2O Phlo was slated to perform during the competition. H2O Phlo, a quartet of gentlemen, singing R&B and Groovy Soca, straight out of Trinidad and Tobago with Bess Tunes! Tune to wine up! Tune to dance up! Tune to make love to that special someone ... not no quick stabbin' cabin business, we talking the real deal ... the sweet music in yuh ears ... the loving session that you going until the fat lady sings!!! Bang Bang! Five Minutes with H20 Phlo starts right now!

    5 Minutes With Skinny Fabulous

    For all the Soca lovers, there was no other fete to be at to celebrate and give thanks than at "I Love Soca," brought to you by Dr. Jay and the KOS family.  With sweet vibes all night and everybody's head bad, yuh know the St.Vincent and Grenandines sensation, Skinny Fabulous had to make an appearance! We were all "jumpin' on de spot.. on de spot!"  when Skinny Fabulous mashed up the stage singing, "from night til mornin' we not leavin' cause we head bad.. we head bad!" Yuh on de mic?  Good, because Mizz Kayz and Skinny Fabulous comin’ through!

    5 Minutes With Alison Hinds

    The one, the only Queen of Soca, Alison Hinds! You know I had to catch one of my favorite singers in action at S.O.B.S in New York and I was willing to do it by any means necessary!  So straight from the airport fresh from London I went! Alison glittered and dazzled the crowd as usual leaving behind very happy concert goers and an even happier set of TJJers.

    Ok folks, hear this ... TJJ really going the distance for you guys ... so listen up!! During the One Love Fest 2008 in Charlotte, NC on August 31st, 2008, We came across this smooth singing, long dreaded, soft spoken Rasta Reggae singer. And if allyuh don't know his music, well yuh better know him, de man is simply boss! Producing hits for Nelly Furtado, Beenie Man and Sizzla, Courtney "Yogie" John has a cool and tranquil way about him, whose personal style will sure to be around for years to come. JoyJuice here, sat down with Courtney John to find out a bit more about the earthy, cool man behind the dreads.

    5 Minutes With DJ Rudeboy

    He's one of the most well known Caribbean DJs in the industry, but rarely do we get a chance to get an interview with him. Working with such stars as Sean Kingston, Rupee and Alison Hinds, it's no wonder this guy is on top of the game. Now in order to get this interview, Le Petit Juice and I risked out lives by climbing up a very rickety ladder to get to the DJ booth where our boy was playing so you know we had to make it good! 5 Minutes With the always wonderful and charming DJ Rudeboy starts .... NOW!

    I just finished talking with Lil Jon (see 5 Minutes With) out front Barbados Int'l Airport and decided to head to the gate so I don't miss my flight home. It wouldn't be the 1st time, but we cannot afford to get stuck in BIM for another day … people to do, things to see (lol … sleep on it). Sitting quietly by the gate waiting for 1st class passengers to be called is the one and only, "The Human Beat Box" Doug E. Fresh! You know, early hip-hop classics like "The Show" and "La Di Da Di". Then onto Soca hits like "We Not Giving Up" with Machel. The man is seriously talented!! And did you know Doug E. was born in Barbados? And one of his parents is actually from....

    5 Minutes With Stabby de Guard

    I can't type a writeup for this interview without dancing in my seat and chanting "Go Stabby, Go Stabby, Go Stabby Go"! With one of the most infectious songs ("Go Stabby") this Cropover, Stabby de Guard has proved himself to be a serious force to be reckoned with! You could be at a fete having a real deep conversation with someone but once this chune comes on, all bets are off! Bumpa wuk, wuk! 5 Minutes With Stabby starts right .... NOW!

    5 Minutes With D'Bandit

    Mix Juice coming to you straight from Notting Hill Carnival with a special 5 Minutes interview with one of Toronto’s premiere DJ’s, D’Bandit.  As I was jamming at the TRIBE UK fete, I couldn’t help but say to myself, “…But that music sweet! Who is that DJ?”  Look D’Bandit! In the midst of the showing of the costumes and the boisterous crowd singing along to chunes, I managed to squeeze in a couple of pictures and laughs with my favorite Grenadian DJ.

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