2010 Events

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    Remember The Times Review

    Remember when maxi taxis had names like Airborne 1? And you wouldn't be caught dead in one that didn't have the hardest "pong" and the darkest tint? Remember when you would go to a dance and do the butterfly and bogle until the sun came up? Remember when you couldn't wait for the latest Dr. Hyde, Teddy Mohammed and Chinese Laundry tape (yes cassette tape lol) to come out? Well Remember the Times certainly brought back sweet ...

    Rhythmatic 3rd Anniversary Review

    As always a total mixture and a totally chilled vibe! Some people came dressed to kill in their sexy backless mini dresses and some went for comfort in their coats, scarves and sneakers! Let's be honest a party in a car park in the middle of winter doesn't really dictate any particular dress code!! Fur coats were ...

    We were already familiar with the party and the caliber of crowd it carried, but this year the abundance of women was even greater. Not only were they sexy, but they were everywhere! You can't go wrong with such a situation. The party is also quite a

    After partaking in the usual Turkey Day traditions of food, food and more food, we ended off the holiday's festivities at Shorblu's Special Edition of Vice Afterwork. The venue, Room Service, with its chic, modern decor and intimate seating areas provided the perfect setting for ...

    Euphoria Review

    On a night like tonight with many other events going on at the same time, the venue was not pack, but those who did attened were ...

    Erotica 2010 Review

    Once again, Erotica is set over three (3) days and promises to excite, tease and explore your mind and body with this huge exhibition at Olympia in Kensington. Take in a show, get a massage, enjoy the art or buy some porn!! There is absolutely something for everyone!!!

    Well yes, who would've thought Jokey Juice would have been at a pageant. Well I was, and might I tell you it was an experience. Young ladies from around our sweet Trinidad & Tobago came together on the 21st November, 2010 to compete for the crown and title of ...

    This band launch was generally a small and intimate gathering. The crowd present was more of an older mature following all here in anticipation of the 2011 Mas Presentation. 

    Entertaining..intriguing..visually appealing and beautifully exquisite. The fashion show surely raised a few eyebrows as well as captivated with its array of styles. With contributions from Claudia Pegus, Geopa, Radical Designs, Shurnel, Dav Originals, Shaun Griffith Perez Designs, The Cloth, Lisa Laurie Clothing, Concept Studio and N-ergy N-tertainment, the night was ...

    On Saturday 14th November, the Trinidad & Tobago Group of Professional Associations held its 2010 installment of the Professional Culinary Classics under the distinguished patronage of his Excellency, Professor George Maxwell Richards. This year’s ...
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