2010 Events

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    Beach House Sound Pressure Review

    After loyally waiting 6 months for the next Beach House event in Trinidad, Beach House Entertainment was ready to reveal its final instalment for 2010 with ...

    Christmas is in the air! We could tell that the season is getting closer as the parang related festivities begin to take precedence. On Friday 12th November we entered the doors of Ma Pau, crossed over the bridge covering the inside fish pond and stepped into the land of slot machines and poker tables. We reach!!

    NO MASK NO ENTRY!!! That's the standard policy at any Eyes Wide Shut installment. TJJ touched down near the stroke of midnight and was warmly escorted inside. Now we know trinis like to party late, but make no joke ... when we stepped inside this fete, the whole place was literally packed already. Everyone dressed according to theme and oh, we must make mention ...

    Scorch Down De Islands Cooler Rave Review

    D.D.I ... the three letters that made Saturday November 6th the best Saturday everrr!!!! Scorch had their down the islands party and boy it was nonstop action from ...

    Obsessive London Review

    Busspepper crowd = always sexy! I don't know how they do it but you will always find some sexy people in a busspepper dance... tonight a few exceptions crept in but they just made the sexy people like themselves even more ... haha... but don't get us wrong, sexy they are...

    Grand Opening Club Chu Chu Review

    After much anticipation finally we saw the doors of the newest club in Groningen, Holland open its doors to the public. This would be three nights of consecutive partying to baptize in brimstone and fire this dance-bar named after the dog of the owner…..yes you heard me right! The analogy of "man's best friend" coming to life in living colour.

    Synthesize 2 Review

    At 1:30 am we pulled up outside Military Museum, to meet a large crowd walking with their coolers, some even had two coolers, we guess one was for drinks the other for chasers. From outside the vibes started, we were even able to hear Ryan Spartan shouting to the crowd already inside to ...

    There was always a steady trickle of people coming in through out the duration of the festival. Also from the looks of things, the majority of patrons appeared to be mature and of an older age demographic. Of course there was a mix from the younger generation representing as well. In keeping with the theme, most people ...

    Sea Sex & Halloween Review

    Halloween should be more scary or more funny, but let's not complain, it's not really a french culture, so I will forget this point cause I had a good night ... A nice ambiance, a good set of friends, good music and good service, what else do you need honestly ?

    All came to a halt with our first issue: parking. The Loft Studio is located in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. By the time we found a spot, we were far enough away to have to take a taxi back to the venue. Next time we attend an event in this area, we will be sure ...
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