2011 Events

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    Vale Vibe Miami 2k11...same venue, same crowd, different weather, different vibes! In a good way.

    Do you remember DC Carnival’s #1 Friday night party “Taboo”? Or how about the likes of “DV8” featured in cities such as Atlanta, DC and Miami? And how about ‘LIME South Beach’ last Miami Carnival? Not only shall all inclusive, free drinks, exquisite venues, sexy crowd, and ...

    Roots Rock Reggae.. Another of Busspepper’s promotions; this one, showcasing the best of reggae, rockers, oldd dub, dancehall, and of course some soca roots thrown into d’ melting pot too!! A mix everyone’s been waiting for..

    Hpnotiq Harmonie Launch Review

    Biggie, Biggie, Biggie can’t you see?

    Sometimes your words just hypnotize me

    "I Don't Need To Try To Control You! Just Attend Luxe Life And They Will Own You!"

    FRENZY started in TnT carnival in 2010, had its 2nd event in 2011 and the guys from TO linked up with the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. crew in Miami to add this much needed upscale Soca boat ride to the Miami/Broward Carmival Saturday line up. The first ...

    Block-O-Mania 2011 Review

    Scruples Free Drinks Block-O Mania is one fete for Miami Carnival that TJJ will never ever miss, and for the 5th time me, Frenchie Juice was ...

    Miami Vice 2011 Review

    If you told me that I would be in a carnival fete with two king size beds at my disposal I woulda say yuh lie - except I went to Miami Vice... and right away the mood was ...

    We watcing TV in HD, we listening to Machel HD, we watching movies in 3D and now in 2011we feteing in 3D also.  For this 3rd installment of Super F.R.I.E.N.D.S. sixAxis Ent promised the three (3) dimensions of feteing: People + Music + Vibe.

    So another year....Joy Juice had the pleasure of covering Isle of Rhumb's Black & White. In the past few years...there were mixed emotions about the venue, the vibe, the crowd...etc. Well TJJ followers, though there were a couple things that they fell short on, there was no mistake, that Black and White 2011, was indeed one of the best events for Miami/Broward Carnival. Whether you wanted a stiff drink or something soft, whether you chose to wined down low or stood up for ...
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