2012 Events

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    With Carnival 2013 speedily approaching, this weekend another big band in the business, Island People mas, showcased their C2K13 presentation over a two day period. The media launch and ‘launch party’; as stated by the band’s new HNIC Collin Greaves; were hosted as ...

    Midnight Madness Review

    So the captain says because of an impending storm Midnight Madness scheduled for August 10th had to be postponed for one week.  Roll on to August 17th and with clear skies and a beautiful night we were headed to Sheepshead Bay for part two of ...

    Dream Team finally got around to presenting their C2K13 presentation at the Ambassador hotel after having to cancel due to heavy rainfall and floods. Their contribution this year? Knowing where you came from in order to know where you’re going, aptly titled Flash Back. After a ...

    Grenada Pretty Mas is not the biggest or best in the world... but what makes it so unique and memorable? It's the opportunity to play mas with the niceness people on the planet! Get your costume and jump in de band... you safe. And don't worry about the ladies, plenty hot girls everywhere!

    Have you ever seen hundreds of people with glow sticks following trucks with powerful colorful lights at night, jamming to the live performances by Soca artistes? If you haven't witness this, YOU need to be in Grenada Monday Night Mas! Its unique to Grenada. An even stronger reason to be apart of it.

    Grenada J'Ouvert is DE BEST! We Grenadians are proud to boast about it!

    Maracas Cooler Fete 2012 Review

    With the fourth edition of Maracas Cooler fete, Soul Sisters and friends decided to venture back to Volume 2 where the initial dream became a reality.  Outfitted with an ever so colorful beach theme that included beach balls, umbrellas, neon air beds and we can’t forget the Maracas girls, we see why this fete is a ...

    Permit Fete 2012 Review

    On Carnival Friday, De Bacchanal continues in Greenz. The alternative lime for Groovy and Power Soca Monarch. The turn out was amazing as expected as it now a tradition to attend!

    Soca Or Die 2012 Review

    Well well well... you may ask yourself what is meant by the phrase "Soca or Die?" And though it may be simple for some people to answer, like promoter Dr. Jay or soca artistes Kes, Nadia Batson, Faye Ann, Bunji, Kerwin, Iwer, Swappi, Super Jigger, Shal Mashal, Problem Child, KI & 3VENI etc. etc. etc., it may be difficult for others to ...

    KOS J'ouvert 2012 Review

    It has been said in the past and it is indeed worth repeating. Dr Jay and the KOS family has the only true, legitimate, authentic, for-real for-real  J'Ouvert celebration in Canada. This years 2012 presentation was no exception and lived up to that which has become the ...
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