2015 Events

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    Epiphany 2015 Review

    A life changing party experience with an Ultra All Inclusive theme with the most beautiful people and the most beautiful atmosphere and a DJ cast that blew you out of this world.

    IN.DE.PAINT.DANCE #RealUnityTT Review

    Vibes and elation were certainly present the moment you entered the gates of this amazing J'ouvert event. Every one was covered from head to toe with vibrant colours with out a care in the world as the pumping rhythms took over.

    What better place to enjoy the Queen's Park Savannah Independence Day fireworks than on Brian Lara's doorstep... yep, and that's exactly where we were. The plush green and organically lit ambience hit us for six... and while their were no ducks in sight, there was lots of finger licking ...

    Mercury Beach 2015 Review

    Mercury Beach is the best event to have graced the humble shores of Saint Lucia. Oh sweet Helen! Boats, bikinis, booze and more booze! Now staged for the second year in a row, Mercury Beach is the event where thousands of people from the French speaking islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe hop on their yachts and speedboats to our shores for the biggest and wildest beach party.

    The largest group of naval vessels under one commander, organized for specific tactical or other purposes. Well... there were four vessels, the commander was Spice Addiction Ent. and the specific tactical purposes... well... to fete on the open waters then converge as one and fete together at a secret location.

    Well if you have never seen BBC beach AND Grand Anse beach from a panoramic view point before, Le Crave certainly changed that. Le Crave, the more intimate Ultra Inclusive, one of its kind in Grenada with SPECTACULAR, beautiful people, and that intimate all inclusive vibe... it surely didn't disappoint

    Bienvenue Grenada Review

    BEINVENUE, that's French... literally meaning "Welcome". What a fitting name for the first event of Spice Addiction Ent. three event Grenada Carnival weekend. As the influx of people made their way onto this tiny Caribbean isle called GRENADA for Spicemas 2015 this was the event to be at to welcome you to Grenada.

    Another sold out Glow party! This party was packed wall to wall and full of vibes and intense energy with live performances throughout the entire night from Dil E Nadan, K.I, Lyrikal, Angela Hunte and Bunji Garlin that had the crowd pumping from start to finish.

    Caribbean Soca Festival 2015 Review

    This year Blueprint Entertainment Inc. staged its very first Caribbean Soca Festival, which by all means should become one of the staple events for the Saint Lucia Carnival Season! Drivahhhh doah stop at all with this one! Patrons girated, perspired and imbibed with friends and family to the sounds of Baron, Onyon Efeek and a riveting performance by ...

    U4ria "Inspirationem" 2015 Review

    The most anticipated All White Party of the year. Where the Love, Passion & Music never stop. Entertained by the ultimate St. Lucian line up accompanied by a few super foreign guest appearances. Beautiful decor, Beautiful people... beautiful vibes... U4ria!!
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