2015 Events

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    The All Inclusive Experience definitely proved, that nothing can stop a good fete! The weather was cold and boy did it rain!!! It rained the entire day!!! Despite the horrible weather conditions there were tents to provide shelter and people were dressed for the torrential downpour ready to have a good time and get on badddddd!!

    Flags Till Morning 2015 Review

    Flags til morning... the performance saturated, drink inclusive, vibes (til morning) Carnival Friday event in Washington DC that's not to be missed! Well, it was my first and I was overly excited, and would you blame me? If you hear 'oooman' talk bout going and see Lyrikal and 2015 T&T Groovy Soca Monarch winner Olatunji.. I must be excited too. Did the event live up to its name? Keep reading...

    The weekend long events started out with an ultra VIP invite only cocktail reception at the Renaissance Hotel in Plantation, FL.  Once inside, you were pleasantly greeted and ushered into the event by friendly hosts passing beautiful ice sculptures highlighting #Carib Style. On our way we took the opportunity to ...

    Seamlessly Arranging Unforgettable Carnival Experiences... if you didn't know what S.A.U.C.E stood for, now you are pleasantly informed. See this being their second year throwing their Annual ALL INCLUSIVE and missing the first I was welcomed this year to the Grown and sexy, with a touch of yellow BACHANNAL in fine style. This fete has all the ingredient to become one of the ...

    Rudy's Annual BBQ 2015 Review

    Welcome to ICE BOX New York Weekend. It's a weekend in New York filled with fetes, vibes, and beautiful people (and when ah say beautiful people ah mean beautiful women). Laawwwwd. Idk where all them woman does come from daddy, but I know they come to RUDY'S ANNUAL BBQ!

    Golden Sandz - Beach Cooler Rave

    Golden Sandz, St. Lucia's premium Beach Cooler Event. Plenty people, Plenty Vybes and Action!

    Beach House Mayfair 2015 Review

    “Gyal and dem, dem ah rush me,
    What De hell is that?!
    When yuh see me in de place! Yeah!
    Party done! DONE!”

    And the party almost done before it even started as some patrons decided not to follow instructions to ...

    Those Ice Box guys, and gal did it once again. New year, New island, New Friends, but the vibes remain the same. This first Suits Bahamas was EPIC. Ever see feters come out to fete? Like their sole purpose for boarding this boat  was to enjoy themselves? Well behold what SUITS Bahamas was all about.

    Return Fete 2015 Review

    First impression while walking into Return Fete, was "WOW LOOK AT PEOPLE." This fete was lots of vibes and full of surprises! Definitely the biggest after Carnival event.

    As the excitement continued to build toward the climax of Tuesday’s mas, 3:30am Carnival Monday morning, Joy Juice and I found ourselves descending upon St. James, Port of Spain. Why you ask? Well, for the warm-up road session of course! It’s J’ouvvvvveeerrrt mornnnnning! Blow yuh whistle! Knock yuh bottle! Oh My oh My... oh My oh My! TJJ was once again partaking in ...
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