Diary Of A Mad Red Woman

Mad Red WomanOnce upon a time there was a short, likkle, green eyed "Mad Red Woman" who had constant questions and theories about all things Carnival and all things concerning life.

No longer able to keep it in, she decided to unleash her thoughts to the world hoping to find some answers or at least to get people to agree with her.

Updated daily, the "Diary Of A Mad Red Woman" will touch on tanties, Carnival preparations, chastity pants (you'll have to read to find out!), and everything in between.

So keep checking, yuh never know what that Mad Red Woman will say! She knows there's beauty in the world, she's just not going to talk about it!!

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    Carnival gives you superpowers.  It does, it literally makes you superhuman.  You chip and dance for a million hours on end, feel no pain and it's great.  The other day I was ...

    The Freshman 15

    A MAD Blasian (Black Asian) friend of mine recently called me to tell me about her first Carnival experience and how she worked so hard to get into her Caged Canary costume without the use of extra chainage or feathers.  She slaved and sweated for ...

    Cold Weather?!

    Perhaps someone can explain this to me...If you are living in a beautiful warm climate, why would you move to a place like Canada...NY...DC to be back handed by ...

    Carnival Tabanca has long come into the hearts of many revelers who were on the road for 2KWhine.  For some, solace comes in pictures posted on FB and for others a quick look at their tan lines from their costumes suffice.  For me....well I'm just MAD.  To me, Carnival this season lacked something...a certain vibe, a feeling, something just wasn't there.  Was the reason for the off vibe this season the economy all around the world? 

    Wiggity Wiggity Wax

    With Carnival less than 3 weeks away, I have been doing alot of planning and packing.  Nails, two days before travel, hair cut one week before travel and all that ting ting ting.  Everything has to be planned and scheduled down to the eyebrow threading in order to maintain the hotta hotta look I'm trying to go for when I reach Trinidad.  My cousin asked me about scheduling a wax appointment...yes wax as in Brazilian....and I am always reluctant to say yes because well...helloooo wax near your vajay jay is never a pleasant experience!

    Ever notice that most of the commercials advertising vacations in the Caribbean are geared towards white people? I don't know if it's because Obama is President that I am more aware of our very narrow minded advertising but...damn, it's true.  Have you ever seen a commercial about coming to the Caribbean geared towards non Caucasians?

    Happy New Year MAD people!  The time has come my darling Winin Criminals.  Carnival is almost here and like many I can't believe it....more like my body can't believe it.  All those months of yeah man you have time to work out has caught up with me and I'm still a gelatinous mess.  In celebration of the New Year I ate my weight in KFCrack and drank myself into a nice well rounded preggers beer belly. Happy New Year to me.

    Is It Me?

    Today is a slap a ho today.  You ever have one of those?  One of those days where you're just so MAD that you may take out the first person you see?  Well that's what I'm feeling like today and that's why today's topic is dedicated to the letter B....B is for "Bam Bam Holes".  A MAD Cinnamon woman and I recently had a conversation about a man she likes and how he now has a girlfriend.  She now feels bad about herself, like there's something wrong with her....Sighhhhhhhhh, steeeups. You know we've ALL been there!

    World AIDS Day

    Today is World AIDS Day.  I personally don't think that there is enough coverage today on what should be a day of awareness and reflection.  With the Carnival season fast approaching, today, I'm spending alot of time thinking about AIDS and the Caribbean.  This year, when I went to Cropover, I went with my cousin to pick up my costume and was surprised to discover that my cousin Duane had a condom included in his costume bag.  I looked through mine and saw that I had gotten nothing.

    Just Say No!

    It's right around this time of year when I start to get a little antsy around sweets and treats and stop smiling.  It's CBC (Carnival Boot Camp) time.  Ah yes, it's that time of year to start focusing on the body due to the impending wearing of scandalous and barely there Carnival costumes in the near future.  For those of you who don't know, CBC starts three months before Carnival and consists of intensive refusals of sweets and fried goodies and ...
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