Diary Of A Mad Red Woman

Mad Red WomanOnce upon a time there was a short, likkle, green eyed "Mad Red Woman" who had constant questions and theories about all things Carnival and all things concerning life.

No longer able to keep it in, she decided to unleash her thoughts to the world hoping to find some answers or at least to get people to agree with her.

Updated daily, the "Diary Of A Mad Red Woman" will touch on tanties, Carnival preparations, chastity pants (you'll have to read to find out!), and everything in between.

So keep checking, yuh never know what that Mad Red Woman will say! She knows there's beauty in the world, she's just not going to talk about it!!

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    Matching Undies

    Does it matter whether or not your bra matches your underwear?  Do people really wear matching undies whole week?  Is this sexy to the people them who undress you?  Questions, questions, questions.  I want to know what you think!  Personally, if my undies match my bra, it's something quite rare.  Of course, I don't expect to get lucky when I'm doing this, but even if I knew I was getting some, I'm not sure I would go out of my way to wear a matching bra and ...

    Sexy Legs Crusty Feet

    Heels, pumps, sparkly, high, beautiful shoes!  I love shoes, love love love them but sadly, they don't love me.  Ladies, you know what I'm talking about...Why the HELL are high heels so dyamn uncomfortable?!  There is nothing that gets me angrier than seeing a hotta hotta pair of heels and then trying them on only to find that they cut off the circulation to my big or ...

    KF Crack

    I love KFC in the Caribbean. I love it so much that the mere idea of it makes my mouth water. I don't know what it is about this damn chicken in the Caribbean...Sweet, succulent, orginial or spicy...droooooool...I love KFC in the Caribbean sooo much that I refuse to eat it here in the US. mad?! Ting tastes nothing like it does down in the islands! I am convinced that yuh all put crack or some kinda drug up in there. There is an argument going on between me, a MAD Caramel Man and a MAD Mocha Woman about which Caribbean island has better KFC...Grenada or ...

    Fine Gyal, Ugly Bwoy

    Ever notice the imbalance of looks on tv shows where the couple are the main characters?  Think about it, how often have you seen a couple on a show where both characters are hotta hot?  What's up with that?!  These shows will almost always have the woman as being the hot one and the man as the average looking one.  I think that people who have written for these shows were slightly nerdish maybe overweight boys who had an "I'll show them" attitude and cast according to their ...

    Chastity Jeans are defined as "pants that are so tight that it's a miracle you got into them and it will be an even bigger miracle if you can get out of them" Very good for going out to fetes where yuh doh trust yourself around a certain someone or if yuh just want to give the illusion that you are svelter than ...

    Today, the MAD Red Woman has nothing to be MAD about.  This is the only time this will ...

    I recently had a conversation with a Mad Caramel Man regarding confetti.  Now, if you are West Indian, I know that a big smile just came across your face because we all get far too excited over the mere mention of confetti (there goes that smile again).

    The Male Mating Call

    "Pssst....Hey Ma.....Ttttssssst...Dahlin!"  No, that's not the sound of a tire deflating. That is the sound of the "Male Mating Call" otherwise known as the "Psst and Holla". I know, it sounds like the name of a dancehall move, doesn't it?  Now this move has been around for as long as I can remember and ...

    All yuh ever see commercials for paper towels where there is a Mother and child?  Ever notice that the Mother is caring and loving when the chile spills something and she has to clean it up with a paper towel?  Well if you haven't, this is how it goes down; chile spills something on the table or floor, says something cute like "Uh oh" or "Whoops" and looks up at the Mother.  Mummy comes by and smiles and says it's ok and cleans the mess up with ...

    I'm mad. In fact, I'm stark raving vex!  Now to answer your question, yes I've always been mad, from the time I was a youth to now, a woman in her mid 20s. I've always had quite the scowl on my face.  It all started when I was a likkle girl.  I am red, my Mom is white.  Now growing up with a white Mum, I didn't have a chance...with my hair.  Mum would take one long hard look at my dirty blondish brown afro and ...
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