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West Palm Beach Carnival 2012 (Florida)
WPB Carnival 2012

June 17th, 2012

Once again Joy Juice on the road again... and this time its to South Florida to attend the 5th Annual West Palm Beach Caribbean Carnival. By the way, do you guys know that Florida is the only state with sooooooo many Carnivals? Miami/Broward, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and now West Palm Beach (WPB). Ohh ... and yes, Trini Jungle Juice in ALL!

This year makes it the second time TJJ has officially covered the WPB Carnival (see West Palm Beach Carnival 2009 Coverage). With the goal of covering EVERY carnival across the globe ... we are adding WPB to our travel itinerary. With some of today's top entertainers, top DJ's, the top singing MC (in MC Wassy) and not forgetting (ehem) the top Caribbean entertainment website ... WPB Carnival has the making of a grand event.

In comparison to what we heard about the attendance in 2011, disappointingly this year was a bit small. However, last year's WPB Carnival wasn't up against the NBA Playoff Finals (Heat vs Thunder) or held on Father's Day. But this only allowed the WPB committee to actually see where they fell short and how they can improve for 2013. We have no doubt that their crowd will grow. And besides the small numbers.... guess what? The show went on without a hitch!

Great crowd with wonderful personalities, people from a variety of islands representing their Caribbean nations, and the MC and the DJs kept the event so upbeat that no one left the event, even with a 1 PM start and an 11 PM end time. Soca music really has a way of keeping you grounded!

The venue was big, very clean and a good location with easy access off the major interstates. The organizing committee did a great job by separating the different access points - the general admission entrance as opposed to the mas bands entrance and the artists entrance. The parade route could have bean a bit longer, but with the limited mas bands, it worked out well. There was a dance area in front of the stage (enough to fit 5,000 people) and this made alot of sense. The committee set up sufficient seating for the patrons as well with use of some bleaches. And the location of the vendors was perfect; not too far from the crowd, yet close enough where one could smell the pot of Ms. Brenda bubbling!

The vibes for the 5th Annual West Palm Beach Carnival was amazing! From the Starlift Steel Orchestra setting the pace right at 1 PM, to MC Wassy and DJ Barrie Hype closing out the show at 10 PM ... vibes cyah done!! Wassy, other than being one of the most requested MC's around, is truly a class act. Even with the small crowd, MC Wassy performed as if in front of thousands of patrons. He sang every top entertainer's song with such fluidity, hyped the crowd up to their maximum levels and controlled the flow of the evening by presenting the guest artists in a timely fashion. The man good! As for the artists, EDDIE CHARLES (though not performing) was present and in full support, and so to was Vincy's PROBLEM CHILD. The evening got rolling with a live band that featured two female singers holding thier own quite well. ROGER GEORGE had a little stint but gave way to PATCH who closed out the show with a spectacular performance. By the way, Patch has something coming for 2013 to mash up de place. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh ... I promised not to say anything! As for BARRIE HYPE, well he did just as his name suggested ... hyped up the place ... BIG TIME! Production Sounds, Robert Ali and Jumosa, all did a great job as well keeping the Carnival spirit alive.

Ms. Brenda, your food was absolutely fantastic. As for the other vendors ... thank you for making your delicious food available. With a little taste here and there, the food at WPB Carnival was really awesome. Tasting the jerk chicken, rice and peas and the fried fish ... oh my gosh, I need to go back! The Caribbean punches (thanks moms for the little sample) as usual were a big hit. So all in all, for a $20 cover charge (and kids FREE), WPB Carnival was worth every penny!

A special thanks to the West Palm Beach Carnival committee for inviting us. The Sound Rev crew, great job in keeping things in place. MC Wassy, much respect and all the best to you and your family. Ms. Olive and Donna, the ladies at the Untouchables Hair Salon that handle my dreads real nice ... much respect! Thank you. Patch, keep the thing going man. Mario Z, as always ... you are the man! Mr. Don, you have a friend for life with Joy Juice! Folks, if you're going to WPB for any reason, link up Don ... the coolest dude ever! To Mr. Smith with the Caribbean restaurant, thanks for opening your doors to us ... we had a great time at your spot. Let's link up for 2013 as well. Ms. Jewel, we have you covered.

And finally to Loma and the Blenmans, fantastic job! TJJ is here to help grow WPB Carnival. Thank YOU for your hospitality and for making our trip to WPB a fun and exciting one. We are already looking forward to 2013 and beyond!

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West Palm Beach Carnival 2012 - Joy Juice

As Always,
Joy Juice .... Out and About!

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