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Barbados is already a sweet isle when it comes to tourism... white sand beaches, sun, night life seven days a week and ting. So when you add the Carnival element (locally referred to as Crop Over) in de mix, it's like putting that extra splash of Angostura's bitters in yuh cocktail... sweet for days. And like the bitters, Trini Jungle Juice was in de mix and lovin' every minute of it! No matter how many times we see the "wuk up" it's just as entertaining as the first time. We love it! Catch the latest Crop Over 2006 Soca Releases right here.

Caribbean Wet Fete 2006
Caribbean Wet Fete 2006

Sun 16th July 2006
10-to-10 Insomnia'06 (Barbados)
10-to-10 Insomnia'06

Sat 5th Aug 2006
Booze Cruise'06 (Barbados)
Booze Cruise'06

Sun 6th Aug 2006
Grand Kadooment 2006
Grand Kadooment Day 2006

Mon 7th Aug 2006

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