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TJJ TV/Videos
Kadooment Day Pt 1
Kadooment Day Pt 1

Aug 4th, 2008
Kadooment Day Pt 2
Kadooment Day Pt 2

Aug 4th, 2008
Booze Cruise 2008 (Barbados)
Booze Cruise 2008

Aug 3rd, 2008
Baje Int'l Jouvert 2008 (Barbados)
Baje Jouvert 2008

Aug 1st, 2008
Crack of Dawn (Barbados)
Crack of Dawn

Aug 1st, 2008
Glow Barbados (Barbados)
Glow Barbados 2008

Jul 31st, 2008
Back to Square One (Barbados)
Back to Square One

Jul 26th, 2008

Jammin' at Baje JouvertMix Juice reporting for duty for Cropover 2008!

MJ: "Um hi, yes boss, I have to miss work for about a week. Uhuh, yeah see I have to attend this Cropover thing."
BOSS: "Cropover? I didn't know that your family farmed. What do you plant?"
MJ: "Uhh well we wine sir, we do a lot of winin."
BOSS: "Well as long as you bring me back a bottle, you can go."

And on that note, I'm on the plane headed to Bim for the very first time. From Jouvert to Kadooment to back on the plane, it was pure vibes!!

At Bliss with PanidadBaje Int'l Jouvert was my kickoff fete and did not disappoint. I hold this fete close to my heart and have even worn my paint colored dress again on the streets of NY to show my pride. This has resulted in many passersby asking me where I got my hotta hot dress to which I replied "It's truly one of a kind". wink

Wheeey ... it's Saturday, Bliss time! This All Inclusive made sure to have people dressed up and looking like they stepped out of a magazine. Everyone enjoyed the beauties and the cuties and most importantly, the big chunes! Sweet Soca and even sweeter ol school dancehall! After eating my belly full, we were heading to Dream Land, which unfortunately got cancelled. So 10-to-10 fete? With most of the TJJ fam in a wedding (Congrats Wados!!), we decided to call it a night and rest up ... BIG day on Sunday!

Reppin' Greenz on Booze CruiseOk Sunday, in my eyes, the main event, Booze Cruise! Oh gosh these Bajans know how to treat a Carnival Baby! Rum Punch on tap ... discuss. smile Shirtless cuties and bikini clad beauties ... discuss smile I kept checking my watch making sure I could savor every possible moment I was on that boat. Sweet fuh days! Okay, off the boat and still trying to wipe the smile off my face, nap time and then off to Cohobblopot! VIP in the Lara section up front and center, drink in my right hand, drink in my left, winin' on a sweet man. What more could I ask for? Rupee, Machel, David Rudder, Pit Bull, Lil Jon (look out for our 5 Minutes With interview), Krosfyah, Stabby (takes a breath) more more more!

Dre and I out on de road with Baje InternationalMmm, is 3 hours of sleep enough? Well it had to be, because it's Monday, KADOOMENT TIME! Costume on, tanty secured, lewwe go! Wine, wuk up, juk, smile, rum, wine, wuk up, juk, smile, beer and repeat. Smiles, laughter and love was being spread all around... sometimes quite literally! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!!

And now the dreaded Tuesday. I hastily packed my suitcase and rode to the airport with my crew with sadness in my face. Crop Over, why do you have to be so sweet? I walked to the gate and my feet failed me when I was getting on that plane. I was real ready to stay on d island and wore my headpiece the entire flight home ... and in the cab on the way home ... and to bed (just kidding). smile

Barbados, save a spot for me, I comin back 2Kwine!

Mix Juice
TJJ Crop Over Frontline

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