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Booze Fahrenheit (Barbados)
Booze Fahrenheit

Aug 5th, 2014
Booze Premium 2014 Part 2 (Barbados)
Booze Premium Part 2

Aug 3rd, 2014
Booze Premium 2014 Part 1 (Barbados)
Booze Premium Part 1

Aug 3rd, 2014
Booze Cruise 2014 (Barbados)
Booze Cruise 2014

Aug 3rd, 2014
Foreday Morning 2014 (Barbados)
Foreday Morning 2014

Aug 1st, 2014
LUSH The Ultimate Cooelr Party Expereince (Barbados)
LUSH 2014

Jul 31st, 2014

I Come Out To Win... Win... Win!
(King Bubba FM - Come Out to Win (Who Drinking Rum) play)

When it comes to Crop Over, there is no more last minute decision making when it comes to flights and hotels. I recommend planning nothing short of 2 months ahead if you have a non-flexible travel schedule. The same rule applies to both parties and mas bands. While both continue to grow in numbers, the law of demand and supply still comes into play. HOT ticket events = High demand/limited supply. And I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but ticket scalpers are non-existent outside Crop Over fetes, so secure your party tickets early o'clock.

Like Trinidad Carnival, expect tons of new soca music releases for the season. And like Trinidad Carnival, also expect a certain handful of songs to be on heavy rotation on the radio and in parties. I guess Bim has a 'Soca Mafia' too??!! This year Lead Pipe & Saddis and Porgie & Murda pretty much controlled the soca scene (and rightfully so) with their mega hits "Ah Feeling" (Tune-of-the-Crop) and "Benup" respectively. But better yet, for those of you that don't know, I'm referring to the same two people (see interview). Props to King Bubba FM, who also had a solid season on both production and singing ends… Who drinking Rum??

Some of My 2014 Crop Over Fave Songs:-
Ah Feeling (Axiom Riddim) - Lead Pipe & Saddis
Benup - Porgie and Murda
Who Drinking Rum - King Bubba FM
Bacchanal Road - Imani
Nothing to Say - Big Red the DJ
My Rum - Gorg
Stush - Shanta
Dutti - HypaSounds
My Life - Holla Bak
Duckin - Fadda Fox
Pankatang - Biggie Irie
Mega Monday - Sanctuary
Partyak (Party People Anthem) - King Bubba FM & Kerwin Du Bois ft. Jah Cure and Lil Rick

This Crop Over, in addition to our usual list of parties, I personally tried 3 new (well new for me) ones. In its 2nd installment, Beach House Barbados officially kicked off our coverage on an action packed Thursday. BH Entertainment knows exactly what it takes when it comes to delivering top quality service. And with years of experience under their belt, have mastered the art of the "All Inclusive" concept. Whilst on the all-inclusive topic, BLISS: Summer Edition came back with a 1-2 Knockout combination, delivering on all counts. And fireworks were most suited for the occasion.

On Sunday morning, I finally managed to drag myself out of bed, after my alarm clocked failed me, and attended my very 1st Scorch Barbados event - jAM Breakfast Party. As the saying goes, "Better late than never!" With all crews teamed up, it was non-stop action and jamishness inside of Carter's as Hypa introduced yet another Scorch rule in the last couple hours - No cell phones! If you have plans to attend any cruises this morning, be sure to plan your party schedule ahead of time and stick to it, otherwise you will NOT find yourself onboard a vessel (with ticket still in hand).

My third and final new party experience was Booze Fahrenheit on the Tuesday following Kadooment. Three words - Paint Cannons, Holi Powder and UV Paint! Great concept party, and even though the numbers weren't quite there, the atmosphere was full of fun! #goodtimes

Let's see how all the parties stacked up this year:-

TJJ Guru Report Card for Crop Over 2014

Event Name
Soca Titans - The Final Frontier
Roast Cruise 2014
Roast Stumbling Cooler Party 2014
Lush - The Ultimate Cooler Party Experience
Booze Fahrenheit
Booze Premium Beach Party 2014
  >> Click Here to View Our TOP 3...  

After it was all said and done, Foreday Morning remained in its same spot - Friday night/Saturday morning and continues to attract large numbers. So remember to pack your jouvert outfit or be prepared to sacrifice one, shoes included… you will get dutty! Special thanks to both Mix Nutz and Island Fusion for accommodating us last minute.

It was "Mega Monday" with our good friends Baje International who never fail to bring the vibe and sexy revellers. Besides top notch DJs, Baje always manage to surprise their masqueraders with live entertainment from some of the big name artists for the season. Before flashing through most of the Kadooment bands, it was Blue Box Cart that "Seaduced" our cameras. And oh, that Snow Cone Cart crew with all the hot women in T&T Fantasy 2014 costumes #dataintnoneofmybusiness smile

From a section in Zulu last year to a full blown band this year, Krave The Band made a statement Kadooment Day and took 2nd place in the Large Band of the Year category with their "The Big Bang" presentation. Once again, they had gourmet food being prepared on top their truck and champagne bottles of Moet constantly popping, but this time around all taking place on the upper deck. Yes, in Krave's efforts to provide a more premium carnival experience, the lower deck of their VIP truck was an air-conditioned lounge for their revelers to rest up and refresh themselves along the parade route.

Speaking of parade route... the jump started in the National Stadium like in the old days, removing the added start from Warren's. And although unexpected, the added route (traveling along Black Rock Rd continuing to Frank Worrel roundabout at bottom of University Drive/Hill) instead of the usual approach into Spring Garden Highway was most welcomed. What wasn't as welcoming was the scorching sun!! #MoreCoolZonesNeeded

My application for my carnival insurance didn't get approved on time, so unfortunately I couldn't repair all of the #benup bumpahs, however my tow truck license was still valid! wink Reverse it, reverse it, reverse it, crash de bumpah pon me. Benuuppp, whoah! (Porgie and Murda - Benup play) #ReverseIt

Another fantastic Crop Over down in the books!

We Love Carnival ... We Know Carnival ... WE ARE CARNIVAL!

Crop Over 2014

Meh not leavin until de rum done
[Ah feeling, ah feeling]

(Lead Pipe & Saddis - Ah Feeling play)
Daddy Juice aka The Carnival Ref and The 2014 TJJ Crop Over Team
-- Frenchie, Juicy Juice,
Red Sno Cone Juice and Nic B.

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