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Vincy Music
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Marzville - Life So Nice Barbados
Mikey Mercer - Getting it Good Barbados
King Bubba Bashment - Pressure (Durban Poison Riddim) Barbados
Lil Rick - Get Low (Durban Poison Riddim) [Radio Edit] Barbados
Mole De Chief - Young and Wild (Durban Poison Riddim) [Radio Edit] Barbados
Problem Child - Oh My Gosh (Durban Poison Riddim) St. Vincent & The Grenadines
Hypasounds - Come Nuh Barbados
Mikey Mercer - Independent Girl (Funk Bass Riddim) Barbados
Alison Hinds - West Indian Barbados
Rupee - Most Wanted Barbados
MarzVille x The Element Band - Come Into You (Sugar Stick Riddim) Barbados
Alison Hinds - Wuk & Run (Sugar Stick Riddim) Barbados
Ricardo Drue x Lil Rick - Mood (You Got It) (Bruce Bannah Riddim) Barbados
Lil Rick - Spring Garden (Bruce Bannah Riddim) Barbados
Lil Rick - Yea (V Neck Riddim) Barbados
Lil Rick - Ruff So (T'Chalah Riddim) Barbados
Lil Rick - Mamma Barbados
Lil Rick - Jam Down Barbados
Lil Rick - Can't Style Me (C.S.M) [Radio] Barbados
Lil Rick - Balance Batty Barbados
Peter Ram - Sound The Alarm Barbados
Marzville & Fadda Fox - More Rum (Jab Fete Riddim) Barbados
Big Red feat. 1KC & Scout - How We Bad So (Jab Fete Riddim) Barbados
Tony Bailey - Live For This (Drip Drip Riddim)Barbados
Shanta Prince - Drip (Drip Drip Riddim) Barbados
Lil Rick - Feting Mood (Drip Drip Riddim) Barbados
Jus D - Nothing to Something (Drip Drip Riddim) Barbados


Alison Hinds - West Indian
Alison Hinds - Wuk & Run (Sugar Stick Riddim)
Hypasounds - Come Nuh
King Bubba Bashment - Pressure (Durban Poison Riddim)
Lil Rick - Get Low (Durban Poison Riddim) [Radio Edit]
Marzville - Life So Nice
MarzVille x The Element Band - Come Into You (Sugar Stick Riddim)
Mikey Mercer - Getting it Good
Mikey Mercer - Independent Girl (Funk Bass Riddim)
Mole De Chief - Young and Wild (Durban Poison Riddim) [Radio Edit]
Problem Child - Oh My Gosh (Durban Poison Riddim)
Rupee - Most Wanted


Alison Hinds - One Man (One Woman Remix) [Ole Ting Riddim]
Alison Hinds - Take A Wuk
Big Red feat. 1KC & Scout - How We Bad So (Jab Fete Riddim)
Danny Reid - Rum An Ah Gyal (Drip Drip Riddim)
DJ Bass ft. Yannick Hooper - Answer
Fadda Fox - Champion Bubbalaz (Gyalis Riddim)
Fadda Fox - Hammering (ASAP Riddim)
Hypasounds - Tight Situation
Joaquin - Wine Pon U (Give It To Yuh) (Tropikal Gas Riddim)
Jus D - Freak In De Fete
Jus D - Nothing to Something (Drip Drip Riddim)
Jus D - Watch Ova Me (Tropikal Gas Riddim)
Jus D - So What
Jus D - Tighter (┬┐Como Te Llamas?)
Jus D feat. Timeka Marshall - Only Thing She Know (Remix)
King Bubba FM - Can't Drunk Me (Planet Love Concept)
King Bubba FM - Love In De House
King Bubba FM - Uh Uh (ASAP Riddim)
Kirk Brown - De Formula
Kirk Brown - Vibes Up
Leadpipe x Jus-Jay - Sometime
Lil Rick - Feting Mood (Drip Drip Riddim)
Lil Rick x Shontelle - Wine Pon It (Tropikal Gas Riddim)
Lil Stathis - Don't Be Duncy
Marvay - Push & Go Through
Marvay & Nikita - Distance
Marzville - O.M.G (Oh My Gosh) (Bedroom Riddim)
Marzville & Fadda Fox - More Rum (Jab Fete Riddim)
Mikey x Sir Fingaz - Action Time Again (A.T.A)
Mistah Dale - Daddy
Mole - Sweeter Than Sweet (Tropikal Gas Riddim)
Ms Desire - Anything You Want(1 Good Thing Riddim)
Peter Ram - Dutty Hart (Champion Fetters Riddim)
Peter Ram - Sound The Alarm
Ricardo Drue x King Bubba - Out Dey (Bird Box Riddim)
Rupee - Perfect Fit (feat. Stadic & Jonny Blaze)
Rupee - Think Twice
Shanta Prince - Drip (Drip Drip Riddim)
Shanta Prince - Rude Gyal (Tropikal Gas Riddim)
S.K. - Royal Wine (Tropikal Gas Riddim)
SK - Wining Pon All (F16 Riddim)
Tony Bailey - Live For This (Drip Drip Riddim)
Verseewild - Up In De Air (Wheel Barrel Riddim)
Verseewild & Xtra Wild - So Extra (Bedroom Riddim)
Yannick Hooper - Only You
Yannick Hooper - Woman


Adrian Clarke - Soca You
Biggie Irie - Country
Biggie Irie - Rhythm Of You
Black Shadow feat. Rupee - Dip Down
Captain Sawyer - Women In Red
Cassava - Girl Wuk Up
Confirm - Altuh Ego
DeeVine - Front Page
Destiny Star - Me, Myself & I
Dirty Versee & Joe Cloudy - Dah Real Or Nah (Turn On Riddim) [Clean]
Drew Sharp - Kiss An Mek Up
Freezy x KI - Mawd Gyal (Baje Jab Riddim)
Hardware - Alone
Holla Bak - Too Sweet
Imani - All Day Long
IWeb - Best In Me
Iweb - Juck Fuh Dat (Spouge Ink Riddim)
JahWorks - Wine Up (Corkscrew Riddim)
Jelani - Fyah
Joaquin x Krosfyah - Tiny Winey
Jus D - Hole (Icki Wiki Riddm)
Jus D - Manager
Jus D - Only Thing She Know
Jus D. x Faith - Sugar (Party Life Riddim)
Kas Katee - Issa Vybe
King Bubba FM - Jiggle Jiggle | [Watch Music Video]
King Bubba FM - Start It (Anything ah Anything) (Bad Boys Riddim)
Kirk Brown - De Challenge
Kirk Brown - Still Jammin' (Party Neva Ova)
Lavaman x Peter Ram - Bawd Hed
Leadpipe and Saddi - Blessed
Leadpipe & Saddis - Pour Anudda Shot (Spouge Ink Riddim)
Lee Major The Boss - Push Back (No Behavior Riddim)
Lil Rick - Balance Batty
Lil Rick - Ben It
Lil Rick - Breakfast In Bed
Lil Rick - Can't Style Me (C.S.M) [Radio]
Lil Rick - Jam Down
Lil Rick - Mamma
Lil Rick - Morning Vibez (Breakfast In Bed) (Spouge Ink Riddim)
Lil Rick - Mudda Sally
Lil Rick - Ruff So (T'Chalah Riddim)
Lil Rick - Spring Garden (Bruce Bannah Riddim)
Lil Rick - True Story
Lil Rick - Yea (V Neck Riddim)
Lil Rick x Mikey - Trouble Start (Baje Jab Riddim)
Lyrikal - Glorious (Spouge Ink Riddim)
Maloneyy - Who Drinking (Party Life Riddim)
Marvay - At Large
Marzville - Roughness (Amped Riddim)

Marzville - Sweetness
Marzville x Skinny Fabulous - Waist Pun Fire (Signature Riddim)
Mikey - Feting Family
Mikey - My Kind Ah Party
Mistah Dale - Brave & Bold
Mistah Dale - Fetulous (Party Life Riddim)
Mistah Dale - Frenzin
Mistah Dale - Suhweet Tuh All
Mr. Blood - Redd (Demolition Riddim)
Nikita - Going The Distance
Nikita - Journey
Nikita & King Bubba FM - My Friend
Nikman - Pressure (Monkey Steel Riddim)
Omar - Get On Bad
Peter Ram - Bend Back (Dengue Riddim)
Peter Ram - Party Ammunition
Peter Ram - Unbreakable (World Strings Riddim)
Porgie & Murda - Come Down
Problem Child - De Road (Monkey Steel Riddim)
Rhea Layne - Puff Of Colour
Ricardo Drue - When Yuh Passin (Spouge Ink Riddim)
Ricardo Drue x Lil Rick - Mood (You Got It) (Bruce Bannah Riddim)
Ricky T - Go Down (Baje Jab Riddim)
Scrilla - De Baddest (Monkey Steel Riddim)
Shal Marshall - Trending (Monkey Steel Riddim)
Shanta Prince - Put It On Me (Spouge Ink Riddim)
Shanta Prince - Throw Wine
Sita De Lyrikal Diva - Bam Bam (Baje Jab Riddim)
Sita Di Lyrical Diva - Hammer (Boss Gyal Riddim)
Stabby - Tongue Out (Dirty Yoga Riddim)
Stabby - Uh (Navajo Riddim)
Stathis - Put It On Me
Stiffy - Lies
Stiffy - No Boring Girls Allowed
Stiffy - Riddim In Ya Back | [Watch Music Video]
Subterfuge - Bend Yuh Knees
Trotty - Vibes Again
Verseewild - Backway (Amped Riddim)
Verseewild & Joe Cloudy - She One Foot (Tricks Riddim) Virgos Realist & Mad VIbes - Corkscrew (Corkscrew Riddim)
Weizy Wiz - Work Ya Body (Corkscrew Riddim)
William Watts - Bajan Girls
Yannick Hooper - Parlez-vous Franc?ais
Yannick Hooper - Sold Out
Yannick Hooper - Wine Down Low


Aidan - Life Nice
Alison Hinds - Come Good
Alison Hinds - Mr. Sweet Wine
Altuh Ego - Born For This
Altuh Ego - One For You
Bass aka Trilo-G - Bubble On Ya Girlfriend (Ting-A-Ling Riddim)
Biggie Irie - After The Fete
Biggie Irie - Rehab
Big Red The DJ - Transform
Boatman - Motion In The Ocean (Visa Riddim)
Dirty Versee - Wetter Than Wet
Dirty Versee & Joe Cloudy - Up It (Ton Ah Bass Riddim)
Diztrict 7 ft. King Bubba FM, Kerwin Du Bois & Skinny Fabulous - Plenty Plenty
DP - Wine (AE110 Riddim)
Edwin Yearwood x Peter Ram - Melody
Fuhnominon - Jab Jab Warriors (Massive Riddim)
Hardware - Come Thru De Back (Hard Essence)
Hardware - Popdown (Popdown Riddim)
Hardware ft. Jah Reddis - Lickdown (Popdown Riddim)
Hardware ft. King Bubba - Popdown Remix
Harpa - Soca Feeling
Holla Bak - Sweet Like Ooh
Hypasounds - Closer To Me
Hypasounds - Dip
Hypa 4000 - Fill Up My Cup (Happy Nation Riddim)
Hypa Kidz - The Showdown (Ramen & Bread Riddim)
Jagwa - Popcorn (First Call Riddim)
Jahm-R - Make A Wave
Jus Smoove - Bajan Woman (Loud Screamers Riddim)
Jus Smoove - Unruly
Jus Smoove x K-Wiz - The 8th Wonder
Joe Cloudy - Coconuts (Ton Ah Bass Riddim)
JusWata - Set It (Ton Ah Bass Riddim)
Jus D - 9
Jus D - What I Love
Kenyo - Who Ya Fuh
King Bubba FM - Bubbaling (Visa Riddim)
King Bubba FM - This Is The Life
King Bubba FM - Welcome Home (Jack Frost Riddim)
King Bubba FM - Wet Them (Happy Nation Riddim)
King Bubba FM & Lil Rick - Soca Made Me Do It
Kirk Brown - Incredible Girl
Kirk Brown - Shake (iCloud Riddim)
Koaquin Brewster - The Baddest (Jack Frost Riddim)
Lady Essence - Fluffy Gal Anthem (Hard Essence)
Leadpipe & Saddis - We Are
Lil Rick - Advantage Of Me (Jack Frost Riddim)
Lil Rick - All Kinda Girls (Ramen & Bread Riddim)
Lil Rick - Wait Til Tonite

Marley - Evidently (Loud Screamers Riddim)
Marvay - Antidote
Marvay - Stars Align
Marzville - Give It To Ya
Marzville - Pipe
Marzville ft. Skinny Fabulous - Give It To Ya (Remix)
Marzville x Jus-Jay - Born to Win
Mistah Dale - De Ting Start
Mistah Dale - Right Here
Mistah Dale - Soca Famaleez
Mr Blood - Leggo (iCloud Riddim)
Nikita - Carry Festival
Nikita - Wine To Myself (The Liquid Gold Riddim)
Peter Ram - Bumpers & Alcohol (Ting-A-Ling Riddim)
Peter Ram - Memory
Peter Ram - Upside Down | [Watch Music video]
Peter Ram x Skinny Fabulous - Memory (Remix)
Philip 7 - Gimme Mo
Porgy & Murda - Hop In De Bar (Ramen & Bread Riddim)
Rhea ft. Coopa Dan - Bare Trouble (Ting-A-Ling Riddim)
Rome - Only Wuk Up (Pstar Perry x Bass Monstars Remix)
Rupee x Black Shadow - Tipsy (Happy Days Riddim)
Salt - No (Ungrateful) (Liquid Gold Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Bruckout (Visa Riddim)
Shanta Prince - Expensive Liquor (Jack Frost Riddim)
Shanta Prince - So High
Shea Shea - Night & Day
Sheriann Norris & Chris RK - Aitn't That Serious (Popdown Riddim)
Shurwayne Winchester - Can't Wait For It
Skinny Fabulous - Bad Man (Jack Frost Riddim)
Snappa - Whiplash (Ramen & Bread Riddim)
Stabby - Iz Ya Bak Girl (Deepu Riddim)
Statement - Baddest Team
Stiffy - New Money (Visa Riddim)
Stiffy - Ying Long (Dutty Chyney Riddim)
TC - Paradise
Terrah Dan - Gymnastic (Ton Ah Bass Riddim)
Timmy - Culture
Timmy - No Behavior (Grandpa Riddim)
Trey Breezy & Biggest - Bones Vs Fat (Popdown Riddim)
Tony Bailey - Wicked (Jack Frost Riddim)
Tugman - Pelt It (Ton Ah Bass Riddim)
Verseewild - Spend (Visa Riddim)
Verseewild ft. Marzville - Bend Ya Back (Super Kat Riddim)
William Watts - Tun Up De Place
Yannick Hooper - Road Rage
Yannick Hooper - Summer Fling
Zan - Sandwich (Ting-A-Ling Riddim)
Zwady - 2 Shots (Hashtag Riddim)


Alix Cage - Ah Dreaming
Big Red The DJ - Can't (Arcade Riddim)
Biggie Irie - Money Well Spent
Boatman - Shut It Down (Hand Grenade Riddim)
DeeVine - Know Bout We (Yabbadash Riddim)
Don Trent - New Day | [Watch Music Video]
Don Trent - Leave Me Alone (Tamu Tamu Riddim)
Edwin Yearwood - Til They're Here (Way Up Project)
Edwin Yearwood - You Iz Ah Boss
Fadda Fox - Doh Text Meh (Tamu Tamu Riddim)
Fadda Fox - Dirty Habits (Hand Grenade Riddim) | [Watch music video]
Fadda Fox - As We Land
Fadda Fox feat. Skinny Fabulous - Going Mad (Socatology Riddim)
Foreigner Frank - Push Wood (Jackie Opel Riddim)
Grynner - Turn On De Speaker
Hypasounds - Bam Bam Back | [Watch music video]
Imani - Meh Body
Imani - Journey
Jahir - So Dear (Jackie Opel Riddim)
Jus D. - Give It To Me
Joaquin Brewster - Home (Way Up Project)
Kirk Brown feat. Imani - Permission
Kirk Brown - Alone
Kirk Brown - Me Alone (Solo)
Khiomal - Beach Party
King Bubba - Unstoppable (Give Thanks) (Hand Grenade Riddim)
King Bubba FM - Another One (Socatology Riddim)
King Bubba FM - Calling In Sick (Wahjang Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
King Bubba FM - One King
King Bubba FM feat. Shaggy - Mashup "When Ah Touchdown" (Global Remix)
Leadpipe & Saddis - Make A Fete (Socatology Riddim)
Lil Rick - Wine Teef
Lil Rick - Bachannalist (Way Up Project)
Lil Rick - Doin De Dog (Hand Grenade Riddim)
Lyrikal & King Bubba FM - Worlds Greatest (Tamu Tamu Riddim)
Lil Rick - Way Up (Way Up Project)

MaddZart - Tourist (Jackie Opel Riddim)
Marvay - Know The Face
Marz Ville x Snap Brandy - Bang Bim (One O'Clock Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Mistah Dale - Nuttin Sweetah | [Watch music Video]
Nu Lyfe - Audition
Nikita - Bun It Up
Peter Ram - Good Morning | [Watch music Video]
Peter Ram - The Tribe
Preedy - Addicted (Tamu Tamu Riddim)
Problem Child - So Good (Wahjang Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Problem Child - Trophy (Socatology Riddim)
Rene King - Me & You
Rupee - Counting My Blessings
Rupee - I'll Be Ok
Ricardo Drue - I.D. (Stamp Yuh Name) (Way Up Project)
Ricardo Drue feat. King Bubba - Rum Again (Drink Up) (Hand Grenade Riddim)
Sanctuary x Papito Sabrosura - Sandunga
Sekon Sta - Mamacita (Hand Grenade Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Night And Day (Wahjang Riddim)
Shanta Prince - Til Morning (Way Up Project)
Shanta Prince - We Loose
SK - Cockspur Dibbyness 7.6 (Jackie Opel Riddim)
Stabby - Oops
Statement - 3 Songs
Statement - Dis Carnival
Statement - P.M.A (Playin Mas Again)
Stathis - Bashment In De Road (Up De Ting Riddim)
Stiffy - Tek Off Something (One O'Clock Riddim)
T-Rock Again - Behind De Truck (Jackie Opel Riddim)
Timmy - Like Ah Movie
Timmy - Wuk Up Bad Pon On It
Verseewild aka Dr. Versee - Roll It (Zika Riddim)
Verseewild aka Dr. Versee ft Stathis - Up De Ting (Jouvert Queen) (Up De Ting Riddim)
Verseewild ft Edwin Yearwood - 50 (Fifty) (Up De Ting Riddim)
Xcel 246 - Pon Me (One O'Clock Riddim)
Xcel feat. King Bubba FM - Pass Me A Drink (Dark Riddim)
Yannick Hooper - They Don't Want Us To Fete | [Watch Music Video]


Alison Hinds - Parade
Alison Hinds - Waterproof
Biggie Irie - Sweet Type Of Way (Groove Theory Riddim)
Big Red The DJ - Cocking Back
Big Red The DJ - Roast
BoBo x Nelieux - Dun It Up
Boatman - How Yuh Bad So
Crimeson - Animal
Crimeson - Trample It
Don Trent - When Tomorrow Comes
Edwin Yearwood - Party Ah De Year
Electronic Hippies - R&B(Rum & Bass)
Fadda Fox & Preedy - Wuk (Zulu Tribe Riddim)
Hypa Kidz - It Calling
Hypasounds - How She Like It | [Watch Music Video]
Hypasounds - Sugar Rush
Imani - Fire Meh
Imani - Wet
King Bubba FM - Mashup (When Ah Touchdown)
King Bubba FM - Rum King [Ah Just Start]
King Bubba FM - Whole Night (Fete Life Riddim)
Kirk Brown - You're My Number One
Lavaman - Don't Test We (Carbon Copy Riddim)
Leadpipe & Saddis - Fly
Lead Pipe & Saddis - Soca Format
Lead Pipe & Saddis - The Last One [Blaze It Up]
Level Vibes - Down Pon It (Don't Panic)
Lil Rick - All Is Rum (Carbon Copy Riddim)
Lil Rick - Boom Boom Jump (Boom Boom Riddim)
Lil Rick - Dat Rum Call Me Name

Lil Rick - Gym Instructor (Groove Theory Riddim)
Lil Rick - Hit After Hit
Lil Rick - No Authority
Lil Rick - We Bizness
Mistah Dale - Celebrate
Nikita ft King Bubba - Tequila (Zulu Tribe Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Money Done (Fete Out Money) (Fete Life Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - On De Low (Groove Theory Riddim)
Peter Ram - All Ah We
Peter Ram (Yellaafrican) - De Line Dance (Mildred Riddim)
Philip 7- Higher
Porgie & Murda - Dah Ain Bad (Primetime Riddim)
Red Plastic Bag - Spontaneous
Ricardo Drue - Professional (Groove Theory Riddim)
Ronnie Homer - Yuh Bad (DJ Riddim)
Rupee - Foot Prints
Rupee - M.I.A (Missing In Action) [Miami Carnival Release]
Sanctuary - 2 Step
Shanta Prince - Hello
Skinny Fabulous - Plenty (Boom Boom Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - It's The Weekend (Carbon Copy Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Put We Out (Carbon Copy Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Special (Groove Theory Riddim)
Silver - Forgive Me (Saffron Riddim)
Sstyles - Soca In The 6ix Supa Hype - The Professionals
Yannick Hooper - True Colours
Yannick Hooper - Where Yuh Mudda Get Yuh From
Yannick Hooper & Mr. Veejay - I Pumpin


Adam O - Adam O - Bumper Roll (Red Cup Riddim)
Adrian Clarke - Your Body (Azonto Soca Riddim)
Alison Hinds - Soca Animal
Alison Hinds - Tread On De Road
Amory - Bam Bam (Bam Bam Riddim)
B-Roca - Bring De Ting (Red Cup Riddim)
B-Roca - Free Up (Bam Bam Riddim)
Biggie Irie - Pankatang
Big Red the DJ - Bad (Stage Show Riddim)
Big Red the DJ - Nothing to Say
Big Red The DJ - Twerkie Twerkie (Master Blaster Riddim)
Blaxx - Badness (June Bomb Riddim Second Edition)
Boatman - Born Fa This
Boatman - Push Ya Hands Dem
C Diddy - Bam Bam Wukin (De Jubee Riddim)
C Diddy - Run Come (Sauce Riddim)
Cherish - Flash It Up
Coopa Dan - Bend Over (De Jubee Riddim)
Coopa Dan ft. Brett Linton - RUM (Big Rum Riddim)
Coopa Dan ft. Lil Bitts - Unite
Crimeson - Down Pon It
Crimeson - Get Ready (De Jubee Riddim)
Crimeson - Hold On (Hyper Drive Riddim)
DJ Barrie Hype ft. Lil Rick & King Bubba FM - The Order
Dutty Android - Fruit Vendor (De Jubee Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - 25 to Life (June Bomb Riddim Second Edition)
Erphaan Alves - Proper (Scorpion Pepper Riddim)
Fadda Fox - Ducking
Fadda Fox - Pedal (Bam Bam Riddim)
Fantom Dundeal - Lost In The Moment (Pink Popcorn Riddim)
Fantom Dundeal ft Basil - In Da Mood
Fantom Dundeal - Never Before (Chaser Riddim)
Farmer Nappy - Bring Iron Beater
Foreigner Frank & Lil Rick ft. Romaro Greaves - Is A Vibe
Fuhnominon - Breakaway
Gorg - Happy Hour
Gorg - Mek It Go Round (Drop It)
Gorg - My Rum
Gorg - Teasin' Me (Honey Waist Riddim)
Holla Bak - My Life
Holla Bak ft. Tycoon - Lovin 2Nite (Red Cup Riddim)
HypaSounds - Dutti
Hypa Kidz - Instruction Time (All Inclusive Riddim)
Imani - Bacchanal Road
Imani & Biggie Irie - Get Over
Inches - Drinks & Girls (Bam Bam Riddim)
Inches - Shell Dis Party
Inches - Vibes (So Nice) (Sour Sop Riddim)
Jadel - Wine Up On It (Mr. Romel Riddim)
Kaskatee - Juck It Down Again (Master Blaster Riddim)
Kaskatee ft. Collegeboy Jesse - Soca Music (Big Rum Riddim)
Kes The Band - Just Wanna Jam
King Bubba FM - Bad Boy (Gimme Lil Piece) (Bad Boy Riddim)
King Bubba FM - Come Out To Win (Who Drinking Rum) (June Bomb Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
King Bubba FM - Gimme Wha Ya Got (Scorpion Pepper Riddim)
King Bubba FM - I'll Never Given Up (Born to Win) (Azonto Soca Riddim)
King Bubba FM ft. Lil Rick - Bad From Mi Born
King Bubba FM & Kerwin Dubois ft. Jah Cure - Partyak (Party People Anthem)
King Slim - Cah Stop We Now
Kirk Brown ft. King Bubba FM - Energy (Show Dem De Power)
Lava Man - We Nah Change (June Bomb Riddim Second Edition)
Lead Pipe - Carnival Addiction (Sour Sop Riddim)
Lead Pipe & Saddis - Ah Feeling (Axiom Riddim)
Lil Rick - Can't Kill My Vibe (Scorpion Pepper Riddim)
Lil Rick - Flawless (Mr. Romel Riddim)
Lil Rick - Great Day (June Bomb Riddim)
Lil Rick - I Feel Wotless (Bad Boy Riddim)
Lil Rick - I Like Um (Master Blaster Riddim)
Lil Rick - Last Man To Leave (All Inclusive Riddim)
Lil Rick - So Amazing
Lil Rick - So Bad
Lil Rick - Stage Show (Stage Show Riddim)
Linskee - Gimme Dat Wuk (Bam Bam Riddim)
Marzville - Bend Over (Red Cup Riddim)
Marzville - Gimme That (One Wine Riddim)
Marzville - Working Wid It (De Jubee Riddim)
Marzvile & Mikey - Do Bad (Azonto Soca Riddim)
Miguel - Mas (Red Cup Riddim)
Mikey - Next To The Rope
Mikey - No Shame (Faze Tu Riddim)
Mistah Dale - De Dawg
Mistah Dale - Gal Wuck It Up (Sauce Riddim)
Mistah Dale - Stressless
Motion - Mash Up (Red Cup Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Pon De Nine (Mr. Romel Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Push Up On It (June Bomb Riddim Second Edition)
Peter Ram - Bajan Girls (Hyper Drive Riddim)
Peter Ram - De Footballer (Scorpion Pepper Riddim)
Peter Ram - Island Fever (Honey Waist Riddim)
Peter Ram - Quicksand Upgrade
Peter Ram - Selfie
Peter Ram - Simple Thing (Sauce Riddim)
Peter Ram - Taxeisha (Master Blaster Riddim)
Peter Ram - What A Feeling
Philip 7 - It Starting
Porgie & Murda - Benup
Porgie & Murda - Benup (Dj Puffy Edit)
Porgie & Murda - Giddyup (Mr. Romel Riddim)
Porgie & Murda - Rabbit (Master Blaster Riddim)
Preddy - Push Back (June Bomb Riddim Second Edition)
RDX - Shella (Mr. Romel Riddim)
RDX & Lil Rick - Wine Come Up (Jackpot Riddim)
Richie Rich - Again and Again
Richie Rich - Drinks n' Girls (Red Cup Riddim)
Rico Blinks - Breaker Trip
Saddis - Take Mi Stress Away (Sour Sop Riddim)
Salt - Do Dirt (Master Blaster Riddim)
Salt - Poledancer (Scorpion Pepper Riddim)
Sanctuary - Mega Monday
Sekon Sta - Bumper Swag (Stage Show Riddim)
Scrilla - Dis Juck Fuh You (Master Blaster Riddim)
Scrilla - Little Whine (De Jubee Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Bun Dem (We No Beg Friend) (Mr. Romel Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Put In That Work (June Bomb Riddim)
Sekon Sta - Touchdown (Scorpion Pepper Riddim)
Sekon Sta ft King Bubba FM - Bashment Time (Master Blaster Riddim)
Shal Marshall - Done De Place (DDP)
Shanta Prince - Paint Me Down (All Inclusive Riddim)
Shanta Prince - Stush
Shaquille - Down Dey
Skinny Fabulous - Anywhere Dat We Step (June Bomb Riddim Second Edition)
Snypa - This Feeling
Statement - Come Ova
Stiffy - Girl Stick It
Uncle Sam - We Don't Care (The Vibe Riddim)
Unda Dawg - How Yuh Wining So (June Bomb Riddim)
Unda Dawg - Wuck and Guh Round (Master Blaster Riddim)
Unda Dawg - Ya Sweet Rite Off (Jackpot Riddim)
Verseewild - Shocks (Scorpion Pepper Riddim)
Yankey Boy ft. Dev - Gimme Liquor (Soca Antidote Riddim)
Yannick Hooper - Getway
Yannick Hooper - Wine Sampling


Biggie Irie - Need Ah Riddim
Bobo & Fadda Fox - Boat (Bashment Brukout Riddim)
Cooper Dan - Question Of De Year (Bumpa Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Bumper Bounce (Addicted Riddim)
Gorg - Back Off (Rich Again Riddim)
Hypasounds - I Like Dat (Bumpa Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois - Forget About It | [Watch Music Video]
Kerwin Du Bois & Lil Rick - Monster Winer | [Watch Music Video]
King Bubba FM & Lil Rick - Shot & Reload
Krosfyah (Edwin Yearwood) - Last Man Standing
Lead Pipe - Drink Til Morning
Lil Rick - Behave Pun It (Rich Again Riddim)
Lil Rick - Juck Dung Gal (Toots Riddim)
Lil Rick - Kotch De Bumper (Addicted Riddim)
Lil Rick - Wild Out (Addicted Riddim)
Machel Montano - Bruck It (Addicted Riddim)
Mikey - Enjoy Meh Life | [Watch Music Video]
Mikey & Blood (Soka Kartel) - Roll It
Peter Ram - Stop Halfway (Rich Again Riddim)
Porgie & Murda - Condense
Salt - Headboard (Rich Again Riddim)
Scrilla - If It Fuh Me (Rich Again Riddim)
Verseewild - Dibby In A Fete (Scab Out Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]


Alison Hinds - Brace & Wine (Go Go Riddim)
Alison Hinds - Explode (Tite Choonz Riddim)
Big Red - Bend Over (Don't Look Back) (Train Wreck Riddim)
Big Red - Bend Over (Scratch Master Remix)
Biggie Irie - Cyaan Be Over [Watch Music Video]
Edwin Yearwood - Cova De Road (2011 Tune-O-De-Crop)
Gorg - Jack It Up (Rich Boy Riddim)
Gorg - Tear Da Roof Off [Radio Edit] (Popso Riddim)
Hypa Sounds - Roll It (Roll Yuh Bumpa)
Inches - Jiggle It (Waves Riddim)
Jus10 Ward - Nobody's Watching
Lil Rick - Jones And Wukup (Charlie Sheen Riddim)
Lil Rick - Right Now (Popso Riddim)
Lil Rick - Work (Rich Boy Riddim)
Machel Montano - Gyal Wuk (Whistle Riddim)
Mr. Dale - WOW (Tite Choonz Riddim)
Problem Child - Waistline (Tite Choonz Riddim)
Red Plastic Bag (RPG) - Once Upon A Wine
Rupee - I Am A Bajan
Skinny Fabulous - 6 30 (Rich Boy Riddim)


Alison Hinds - Dis Is Jouvert (Tone Def Riddim)
Alison Hinds - Baddest Wine (Condem Riddim)
Alison Hinds - Keep Wukkin (Fire Riddim)
Barry Chandler - Train
Blood - Foot On Fire (Fire Riddim) (2010 Tune-O-De-Crop)
Biggie Irie - Attack She (Pimpin Riddim)
Biggie Irie - Leave She Alone (Tone Def Riddim)
Biggie Irie - Mr. Officer (Arara Riddim)
Big Red - Back Back (Tek Juck)
Breen-z - My Crop Over (Tone Def Riddim)
Dario ft Konshens - Love Wuk (Cataflam Riddim) (Radio Edit)
Destra Garcia - Feel Like Wukkin
Destra Garcia - On Somebody (Brass Fest 2 Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Proppa
Edwin Yearwood - Chrissening
Edwin Yearwood - Come Up To Me
Edwin Yearwood - We Ain't Had Enough
Fadda Fox - Fete After Fete
Fadda Fox ft Skinny Fabulous - Hott Steppa (Tool Riddim)
Farmer Nappy - Love Whip
Gorg - Drinkz Can't Done
Gorg - Serious Wukking
Hypa Kidz - Happy Feet
Hypa Sounds - Sugar Land (NuNu Riddim)
Jadine - All Ova De Place (Janiesha Riddim)
John Mahameed - Drunk
John Mahameed & Nard - Law Have Mercy
Justin King - Slow Motion
Keann - No Action
Khiomal - Doan Tell Me Nuttin
Khiomal Nurse - Not Giving Up
Khiomal Nurse - Wine On You
King Bubba - We Don't Watch Face
Kirk Brown - Dat Is All I Want
Kirk Brown - Pon Di Road
Konata Alleyne - Pressure On Me (Pressure On Me Riddim)
Konshens - Stink Ah Road (Platta Soca Refix)
Lil Rick - Big Hail (Belly Hurt Riddim)
Lil Rick - Go Dung
Lil Rick - Go Down (Condem Riddim)
Lil Rick - Out To All (Brass Fest 2 Riddim)
Lil Rick - What A Feeling
Lil Rick - What A Feeling (Remix)
Lil Rick - Wucking Up (Tool Riddim)
Machel Montano - On De Road (Brass Fest 2 Riddim)
Mad Dawg - Carnival Gal (Tool Riddim)
Mad Dog - Unda (Big Chat Riddim)
Mikey - Party Anthem - Soca Evolution 2010
Monsoon - Wine Up On Me (Rum & Gal Riddim)
Mr. Dale - Drop It
Nard - Clock Wuk
Nnika Francis ft Hypa Sounds - Steady Wukking
Omari Ferrari - Dangerous Whiners
Peter Ram - Balance De Batty Again
Peter Ram - Blackberry (Rum & Gal Riddim)
Peter Ram - Blackberry Refix (Rum & Gal Riddim)
Peter Ram - Diseases (Kick Back Riddim)
Peter Ram - De Way You Wine (Chrysulous Riddim)
Peter Ram - Hold Dey (Tone Def Riddim)
Peter Ram - Iron Man (Hunny Bunny Riddim)
Peter Ram - Some Gyal (Big Chat Riddim)
Peter Ram - Trident
Phillip 7 - Wine Gyal (Arara Riddim)
Pong - Leggo My Bird
Problem Child - Who Calling Me (Kick Back Riddim)
Plan D - Right Here Wukking Up
Rashida - He's Here (Big Chat Riddim)
Rupee - All Night Long
Rupee - Crazy (Hunny Bunny Riddim)
Rupee - Everybody
Salt - BPMs
Salt - Check For Ya Girl (Big Chat Riddim)
Salt - We Ain't Leffing Bout Hey
Sanctuary - Caribbean Girls (Arara Riddim)
Shanta Prince - We Own Ting
Shekera ft Jana - Wine Down
Skinny Fabulous - Bumper In Trouble (Kick Back Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous & Danielle Viera - Party (Brass Fest 2 Riddim)
Slimz ft Kirk Brown - Bounce Dat (On Da Floor Riddim)
Snyper - Push It Back (Cataflam Riddim)
Stabby - Pin
Statement - Sun Come Up
Statement - Too Drunk
TC - Down De Road
Technic Band ft Andy Hewitt - Gimme Ah Whine (NuNu Riddim)
Technic Band ft Kevyn Allman Stuart - Whine It
Tejay - Buss Ah Wine
Timeka Marshall ft Skinny Fabolous - Wining Pro (Condem Riddim)
Tony 'Rebel' Bailey - No Cheating
Trinity - Can't Stop We (Diamond Vale Riddim)
Troy Special - Wine For Me (Big Chat Riddim)
Uncle Sam - Big Money (Big Chat Riddim)
Unda Dawg - Rags Up
Welton Pippy - In Dis Jam
William Watts - Caan Stan Home
Wind Chaser - Carnival Tribe (Tone Def Riddim)
Zee-1 - Booze (Rum & Gal Riddim)


Adrian Dutchin - Bumper Fever
Adrian Dutchin - Without You
Adrian Dutchin ft Peter Ram - For Me
Alison Hinds - Again
Alison Hinds - Chocolate And Vanilla (Back It Up Riddim)
Andy Blood Armstrong - Chaos (Chaos Riddim)
Asassin - Wukka T Wukk
Barry Chandler - Old School
Bashment Menz - No Ragz
Big Red - Before The Sunset (Kadooment Sunset)
Big Red - Before The Sunset (RED-Mix)
Big Red - Do Something 'Bout It
Biggie Irie - Kontagious
Biggie Irie - One More Day
Biggie Irie - Take It Slow (Red Bonez Riddim)
Bo Bo - One Night One Hour In Ten Minutes
Buggy - Brush Off
Chow Mein - The Chinese Connection
Contone - Wuk A Bumper
Da Ma$tamind - Wuk-Up Heaven
Don Trent - Have Fun Girlz (Low It Riddim)
Edwin Yearwood (Krosfyah) - Carnival On My Mind
Edwin Yearwood (Krosfyah) - In De Middle Ah De Road (2009 Tune-O-De-Crop)
Edwin Yearwood (Krosfyah) - Socaholics Jingle
Edwin Yearwood (Krosfyah) - Whole Night
Fadda Fox - Staggerah (Staggerah Riddim)
Fadda Fox - We Drinking (Mad Cow Carnival Riddim)
Fantom Dundeal - Feelin 2 Move
Fantom Dundeal - Kiss
Fantom Dundeal ft Nitro & Danny Reid - A Million Wukkups
Farmer Nappy - Go Brave
Farmer Nappy - Go Brave (Precision PullOut Mix)
Farmer Nappy - Wine & Rock It
Frank White - Wine Fuh Me Gal
Fraud Squad - Hold De Rope (Red Bonez Riddim)
Gorg - Highway
Gorg - Keep Drinks Coming
Gorg - Keep Drinks Coming Remix
Hypa Kidz - We Ready
Hypa Sounds - Middle Section
Hypa Sounds & Dr Evil - Wuk Yuh Waist
Indrani - It's You
Jabae ft Rico Coco Gaskin - Who Mad
Jammas - Stand Up (Low It Riddim)
Jana & Rashida - Naughty (Low It Riddim)
Jana & Rashida - Steppin Out (Pullup Pullup Riddim)
Kason Stone - Spring Garden (Red Bonez Riddim)
Kevin Lyttle - Hands On Me
Khiomal (Krosfyah) - Kaution
Khiomal (Krosfyah) - Trouble
King Bubba & Birdman - Dont Take It Personal (Real Lixx)
King Shepherd - Wuk Up Pon It
Kirk Brown - All Night Long
Kirk Brown - Nothing Can Stop This Jam
Kirk Brown - The Reason Why
Kirk Brown ft Danny Reid - Baaby
Konshens - Super Clean (Staggerah Riddim)
Lil Rick - Anything Cah Happen
Lil Rick - Bajan Wuk Ups
Lil Rick - Riding
Lil Rick - Spread Out (Brass Fest Riddim)
Lil Rick - Wuk Pon Top A Wuk
Lorenzo ft Mikey - Wine Dat Body
Machel Montano HD - Awrite (Ramajay)
Machel Montano HD - Doan Hold We Back (Brass Fest Riddim)
Machel Montano HD - Tell Me
Mad - Gimmie Gimmie
Madd Dawg - Bumpa Roll
Madd Dawg - Instruction (Pull Up Pull Up Riddim)
Madd Dawg - Wine It Gyal
Mighty Whitey - Lolly Man
Miguel - Lets Dance (Low It Riddim)
Mikey - I In Dat
Mikey - Riddum Sekshun (Chaos Riddim)
Mikey - Riddim Sekshun (Road Mix)
Mr. Dale - Come Out 2 Party
Ms. Alysha - Bumper Catch Ah Fire (Bumper Riddim)
Ms. Paige - Man Fi Borrow (Red Bonez Riddim)
Nard - Blame It On De Cup
Nard - Outta Space
Natahlee - What We Do
Natahlee ft The Splashband & Big Red - What We Do (De Road Jam)
Omari Ferrari - De Train (Red Bonez Riddim)
Omari Ferrari - Get In The Road (Red Bonez Riddim)
Omari Ferrari - Happiness
Omari Ferrari - He Nuh Like Woman
Peter Ram - Paper
Peter Ram - Peter Pan
Peter Ram ft Collie Buddz - Blind To Dem
Peter Ram ft Gorg - Jinkins
Peter Ram ft Madd - 3's
Patrice Roberts - Turn It Up (Brass Fest Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Ya Never Know (Patti Cake Riddim)
Pong - Wood
Precious - Gimme More (Red Bonez Riddim)
Problem Child - Outrageous (Mad Cow Carnival Riddim)
R.D.X ft Donella - Put It Dey
Ras Iley - Don't Let Kaiso Die
Red Plastic Bag - Something's Happening
Ricardo Drue (Crossovah) - Pelt It Back
Rusty Pin, Lil Rick, Gorg - Drinkz
Salt - See Me & Don't See Me
Sanctuary - On De Side (Red Bonez Riddim)
Shayne Bailey - Pure Sweetness (Red Bonez Riddim)
Shurwayne Winchester - Murdah
Snakey Dan - It's Jouvert Morning
Stabby D Guard - Major Stabby Pain
Stabby D Guard ft John Buck Wild - One Minute to Wuk Up
Statement - All Night Til Mornin
Statement - All Night Til Morning (Scratch Master N Fryktion Jouvert Mix)
Statement - It's Carnival
Statement - Leh Go De Riddim
Steely - Stealing Everything
Tarah Holdipp - Hottie Hottie Gal
TC - Hot Sun & Riddim
Tejay - Ready Fuh The Road
Tejay ft Peter Ram - Pressure Wine (Le Roc Riddim)
Tony Bailey (Krosfyah) - She Going Down
The Actor - In Barbados
T-Rock - Wine That Gyal
Uncle Sam - Waistline Round (Pull Up Pull Up Riddim)
Unda Dawg - Morning Stamina
Verseewild - Good Loving
Verseewild - Hype Style Wine (Pull Up Pull Up Riddim)
Verseewild - Juck Up All Ah Dah
Wayne Marshall - Lumbah
William Watts - Busted
Zan - Back Bone


Adrian Clarke - All Night Party
Adrian Dutchin - Mr Wuk Up
Alison Hinds - Bumpers (Feel Nas Riddim)
Alison Hinds - Soca In Meh Vain
Alison Hinds ft Uncle Sam - Wine In Di Place
Anderson Armstrong - Dat Is What I Talkin' Bout
Anderson Armstrong - Senorita
Bezo - Whine and Tremble It (Bad Boy Riddim)
Big Drew - Behind The Truck (Ride Riddim)
Biggie Irie - Bigg Girlzz
Biggie Irie - Breakaway
Biggie Irie - Carnival Again (Bad Boy Riddim)
Biggie Irie - Snap Ya Finga
Contone - Hard Times
Dj Laz ft Pitbull, Machel Montano & Lil Rick - Move Shake Drop (Dj Buddha Soca RMX)
Djedi - Pooh Nanny Nice
Donella Weekes - Party Time
Edwin Yearwood (Krosfyah) - Nah Missin' Me
Edwin Yearwood (Krosfyah) - We On De Way (Handle Yuh Bizness) (2008 Tune-Of-The-Crop)
Farmer Nappy - Belly Dancer
Farmer Nappy - Festival Day
Fraud Squad - Burn
Fraud Squad - Pork Mout
Fraud Squad ft Patrice Roberts - Wuk Tonight
Gino - Sexy Ladies
Gorg - Tipsy
Hypa Sounds - Party Mood
Keisha Christian - Festival Time
Khiomal (Krosfyah) - Like So
Khiomal (Krosfyah) - Start De Madness
Khiomal (Krosfyah) - Til Morning
Khiomal (Krosfyah) - Unleash De Beast
Kirk Brown (Strategy) - Show Me
Lil Rick aka Hypa Dawg - Bashment Winers
Lil Rick aka Hypa Dawg - Bus A Wine (Feel Nas Riddim)
Lil Rick aka Hypa Dawg - One More Time
Lil Rick aka Hypa Dawg - Pun De Road
Lil Rick aka Hypa Dawg - Roll Like Thunder
Lil Rick aka Hypa Dawg - This Is A Party
Lil Rick ft Gorg - Wuck Up (You Hear Wha I Tell You)
Lil Rick & Unda Dawg - Breakaway
Machel Montano HD - Push Bumpers [Buy Now]
Machel Montano & Patrice Roberts - Feel Nas [Buy Now]
Machel Montano & Patrice Roberts - Tempa Wine [Buy Now]
Macka Diamond - Groovy Soca (Feel Nas Riddim)
Malsolm X & Styles P - Burn
Miguel - Get On De Road
Miguel - Slow Whine
Mikey - We Luv It
Mr. Dale - De Getaway
Mr. Dale - De Wukup Train
Mr. Dale - Til Um Dun
Ms. Desire - Control It
Natahlee - Sun Til Sun (Rogaltic Riddim)
Omar McQuilkin - Dem Can't Stop We
Omari Ferrari - The Way You Wuk
Omari Ferrari ft Kamau Georges - Caribbean Girls (Remix)
Patrice Roberts - Lookin Hot [Buy Now]
Peter Ram - Black N Decker
Peter Ram - Carnival Praise
Peter Ram - One More Time
Peter Ram - Rihanna
Peter Ram - Tight
Peter Ram ft Inches - African Song
Philip 7 - Bring De Wuk
Pong - Offset
Pong - On Pun It
Ramases - Eating
Ramases - Iffing Hardman
Red Plastic Bag - Wrong Gal
Rupee - Feet Don't Fail Me
Rupee - Magnet To Steel
Rupee - Mas Hysteria
Sicki - Ah
Spin Pooch Ink (Stabby 'De Guard') - Stabby
Statement - Don't Bother Me
Statement - Ladies Anthem
Statement - Love De Carnival
Statement - Ready to Jam
Stylez, Malcolm X & Rameses - Shake Dat Body
Tarah Holdipp - All Nite (Bad Boy Riddim)
Umi Marcano - De Feeling (Bad Boy Riddim)
Umi Marcano - Wuk Up Ya Waistline
Uncle Sam ft Jamsey P - We Love Your Carnival
William Watts - When She Bounce


Adrian Dutchin - On Me (Guyana)
Adrian Dutchin - Rock (Guyana)
Barkin Spida ft Fraud Squad - Digging
Big Red - Que Sera
Big Red - Que Sera (Road Mix)
Biggie Irie - Band on Fire
Bo Bo - Road March
Bo Bo - Samosa
Crazy ft Peter Ram - Cold Sweat Remix
Don Trent - Me and You
Farmer Nappy - Chippin'
Fraud Squad - Another Round
Fraud Squad - Do We Ting
Fraud Squad/Patrice Roberts - Dance With Me
Gregory Ayuen - Shake It
Hypasounds - Sweat
Jabae & Mista Vybe - Blaze It Up
John Mahammeed - Curry Wine
Keisha Christian - Territory
Keisha Christian - Think About You
Kimberly Inniss - Candy Tootsie Roll
Krosfyah (Khiomal) - Bumper Buffet
Krosfyah (Khiomal & Mikey) - Bashment Bacchanal
Krosfyah (Khiomal & Statement) - Jah Is Your Light
Krosfyah (Tony Bailey & TC) - All My Life
Krosfyah (Edwin Yearwood) - It Feels Like
Krosfyah (Khiomal) - Set Us Free
Krosfyah (Edwin Yearwood) - Where I Wanna Be
Lil' Rick - Caan Wait
Lil' Rick - Eating Too Much Conch
Lil' Rick - Girls Gone Wild
Machel Monanto - Wining Season
Miguel - Die For You
Mr. Dale - Soka Junkie (2007 Tune-Of-The-Crop)
Mr. DJ - Can't Stop Dis
Mr. DJ - Dahlin
Mr. DJ - Time Of Your Life
Nard - Tempo
Patrice Roberts - Wukkin Up (Assume The Position)
Peter Ram - Pumpin'
Peter Ram - Smoke Signal
Peter Ram - Snakes
Peter Ram ft Indra - Come Back Around
Pong - Wukkup Psycho
Rupee - Slow Motion
Sicki - Badman
Technic Band - Let It Out
Timmy - Action
Timmy - De Sauce
Tony Bailey (Krosfyah) - I Come Out To Fete
WCK - All Day (Barbados & Dominica)
William Watts - Hot Girls
William Watts - What's Up
Omar McQuilkin - Coming Home
Statement - Instructions


Alison Hinds ft Mr. Dale - Just Because (We Doing It)
Biggie Irie - Nah Going Home
Biggie Irie - Nah Going Home (Road Mix)
Contone - My Car Brek Down
Dr. Evil - Wine It (Acid Riddim)
Dru - Bam
Edwin Yearwood ft Shurwayne - We Ready To Go
Hypa Sounds - Sunshine Girl
Jabae ft. Barry Chandler - Flames (Tune-Of-The-Crop 2006)
Keann - Calypso Fever
Kimberly Inniss - Carnival Symphony
Kimberly Inniss ft Lil Rick - My Hips
Lil Rick - All Day All Night
Lil Rick - Now That I Have You
Lil Rick - Unity Jam
Lil Rick - Wuk Up Man
Lil Rick ft Lexxus - Till Morning Come (Remix)
Maddzart - Jump Wave (Riot Riddim)
Major Shackie - Rubber Waist
Mikey - Clear (Meltdown Riddim)
Omar McQuilkin - Juck Down (Meltdown Riddim)
Peter Ram - Guns
Peter Ram - Woman By My Side
Peter Ram/Vybz Kartel - Woman by My Side (Remix)
Peter Ram ft Bunji Garlin - Passa Carnival
Pong - ABC Highway
Pong - Young Ting
Rameses & Dru - Queen (Riot Riddim)
Rameses, Malcolm X, Stylez P - Wine Down Low (Acid)
Rupee - Frenzy
Rupee/Nina Sky/Doug E Fresh - What Happens In De Party
Statement - All Over You
Statement - Closer
Statement - If I Can't Be With You
Statement - I'll Be Home
Statement - Judgerz
Statement - Rag In Me Hand
W.O.D - Ironing (Meltdown Riddim)


Alison Hinds - Roll It
Edwin Yearwood - Weekend
Kimberly Inniss - Free
Krosfyah ft. Edwin Yearwood - Yardie Graduation
Lil' Rick - Do Fa Do
Lil' Rick - Til Morning Come
Lorenzo - Nice & Easy
Mayja Shackie - Badman
Mr. DJ - Waistline Shots
Miguel - Come Close to Me
Natahlee & Shontelle ft. 2ac - Colours (Tune-Of-The-Crop'05)
Peter Ram - First Period
Rameses - Music
Rameses ft. Malcom X & Styles P - Gals
Rupee - Hands
Soca Rebels - Soca Flight
Popsicle - Caribbean Queen
Popsicle - Madness
Popsicle - Party Time
Popsicle - It Is Crop Over


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