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Calypso Artists

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David Rudder, Mx Prime and David Bishop - State of The Nation
Errol 'Bally' Ballantyne - Spare De Rod
Gregory "GB" Ballantyne - Deja Vu
Gregory "GB" Ballantyne - Players
Marvellous Marva - D Marriage Act
Sharlene Barrington - He Was A Good Boy
Singing Sandra - One Day Without A Murder



David Rudder - Spirits
Alicia Richards - Israel's Concern
Cathy Ella - Ma Ma Yo
Duane O'Connor - Respect
Eunice Peters - Peace In The Land
Joseph Adams - Kaiso Laveau
Marvalous Marva - Single Mother's Lamentations
Nicole Greaves - Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Ras Kommanda - Gold Dilemma
Umi Marcano - Song Of Hope
Xposer - Yuh Reaping What You Sow
Xposer - Ah Love the Tempo



Alicia Richards - Ferry Tales
Bally - The Best Crime Plan
Benny J - Stop The Killing
Blackie - Remember
Duane O'Connor - De Front Page
Eunice Peters - Failure Is Not An Option
Marvellous Marva - I Have A Dream
Nicole Greaves - Politics Divider
Xposer - No Boundaries



Bally - Come For Carnival
Calypso Rose - Zoom Zoom Zoom
Chuck Gordon - Wha Yuh Doin
David Rudder - Welcome To Trinidad
Del Toro - Killing Meh Vibes
Duane O'Connor - Dat Making Sense (H.D.C)
Duane O'Connor - Looking Beyond
Joseph Adams - Carnival In We
Nicole Greaves - What A Woman Needs
Phase II Pan Groove - Red, White & Black
Singing Sandra - Cleansing Fire



Asten "Guidance" Isaac - De Justice System
Chuck Gordon - It Eh Go Wuk
Calypso Rose - Abatina
Gary Cordner - Tribute to Black Stalin
Juliet Robin - A Groovy Pan Song
Kurt Allen (The Last Bardjohn of Calypso) - No Grace Period
Lakah-Tee - Doh Gee She None
Mahalia Duncan - Too Much Race Talk
Soft Touch - Dance



Devon George - Haters In The Place
Fya Empress - Don't Blame The Youths



Blackie - Kilouti
KeKeRe - Unite The Cultures
Marvellous Marva - Cease Fire
Tigress - Dis Place Nice
Tigress - Doh Touch Meh Cacadah



Becket - Barack Obama
Black Stalin - Rasta Man
Crazy - In Time To Come
Defosto - A Blue Crescendo
Eunice Peters - First In De Line
Hudson George - Free (Grenada 2009)
Nicole De Coteau - Cello Pan
Nicole De Coteau - Iron Call
Tigeress - Yuh Ent See Wajang Yet
Twiggy - One For Obama
Wen'D - Hold Yuh Corner



Ainsley King - Alusay
Ainsley King - Caribbean Party
Defosto - Confession of the Will
Devon George - People Be Wise
Karene Asche - The Recipe
Lavuey - Mr. Tiger
Lavuey - Party Riddim
The Mighty Sparrow - Barack the Magnificent



Chalkdust - Dookeran Have Jack (2006)
Chalkdust - The Bandit Factory (2006)
Chalkdust - Trinis Talk Too Much (2006)
Chalkdust - Trinidad in the Cemetery (2004)
Sexy Suzy - Cock Fight (2007)
Sexy Suzy - The Cat (2007)


CLASSIC CALYPSO (What Trini Jugle Juice calls RUM Soca!)

Baron - Somebody (1989)
Black Stalin - Black Man Come to Party (1991)
Black Stalin - Bun Dem (1986)
Blue Boy - Ethel (1981)
Buster Poindexter - Feeling Hot Hot Hot (1983)
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires & The Mighty Sparrow - Dragon Dance
Calypso Rose - Fire In Me Wire (1966)
Crazy - Nani Wine (1989)
Crazy - Soucouyant (1985 Road March)
David Rudder - Bachannal Lady (1988)
David Rudder - Bahia Girl (1986 Road March)
David Rudder - Madness (1987)
Duke - Thunder (1987 Road March)
Explainer - Lorraine (1981)
Lord Kitchener - Gimme De Ting (1984)
Lord Kitchener - Sugar Bum Bum (1978)
Lord Nelson - Meh Lover (1983)
Mighty Gabby - Government Boots (1984)
Mighty Sparrow - Jean & Dinah (1956 Road March)
Mighty Sparrow - May May (1960 Road March)
Natasha Wilson - Sweet TnT
Poser - Bus Conductor (1990)
Scrunter - Woman On De Bass (1980)
Shadow - Bassman (1974 Road March)
Tambu - This Party Is It (1988 Road March)
Troubadours - Old Talk


Calypso is a certain style of music which had incorporated into it rhythms that are typical of African music. This type of music is played during Carnival by Calypsonians, singers, how have prepared for the event all seaon long. These songs poke fun at anything and anyone, from politics to gossip and on occassions some controversial topics. During the time when Trinidad was under colonial rule, slaves too would use this as a way to have their voices heard. When the slaves would sing these songs they would make fun of their masters, the condition that they were in, and at any other political figure in society because they knew that they wouldn't be persecuted for it. After the Christmas holidays, Calypso music can be heard any and everywhere, from house to house, cornerstore to pub and clubs. The Carnival fever sweeps the nation and each Calypsonians' goal is to win popularity of the people with their songs because during Carnival there is an event where they compete for the title of Monarch for the rest of the year. In this even each Calypsonian performs his/her songs and competes against last year's champion.

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