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Barbados Cropover 2005
Venue: Barbados, W.I.
Promoters: Various
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With most of the Trini Jungle Juice team up in Toronto for Caribana 2k5, we had to send out a "Bat Signal" to ensure we got our viewers some Cropover 2005 coverage! Well, since TJJ fam runs deep, it wasn't long before men passports were in hand and they were off to the sweet isle of Barbados (photo) for de Festival.

The mission was simple... BOOZE CRUISE! We know that year after year, the Booze Cruise is the lick and TJJ had to get on board. "Finally we reach, and it's Crop Over time, when all de Bajans dem ready to wine, they come to play mas and dance in the fete, and on the road all of them soaking wet..." it was pure "Waistline Shots" and feteing "Til Morning Come"!! We go sum it up like this, "Mash Up and Buy Back"! We caught some of D'Road action, along with some icing on de cake flicks. BIM was sweet too bad!

Large up all BIM massive, and of course, all Trinbagoians that touch down for the festival. As Rupee say, "Come festival time dat is our home" ... we got to be where de action is!

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