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Bacchanal Wednesday 2007
Date: Wednesday 14th February 2007
Location: Bowen Marine. Chaguaramas, Trinidad
Promotions: ZEN
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It's Carnival Wednesday folks, Day 6 of the Fetalotathon® and Team TJJ still in the lead and lookin' strong as ever. Event number three on the day and we in the house pretty early just having left Mug Fest TnT, less than 2 miles away. Some might be tempted to say that this event officially launches Carnival week, but that could not be further from the truth. TJJ on some serious pace since Friday night! The spacious venue with lots of room to party and lots of room in the strategically positioned VIP areas next to the stage make this event truly unique.

It's about 10:30 PM and the dance fillin' up very rapidly. The line for chits in VIP is already very long. What ah teef head that chit system is! At first glance it look like a beer is $3.00TT, but don't be fooled. A beer is three zens, and a zen is $5, you do the math! Real men get shake that night. Imagine, fifteen dollars for a can of beer, but the vibes still nice, and is Carnival, so we goin' with the flow. The best bet was to get chits in VIP where the chit line wasn't that bad and then go out to the regular bar where there were more bar tenders serving, so the wait was a little shorter.

So those who wanted to play the "see and be seen" game stayed back stage and watched the action from the big screens. If yuh came out tuh be a true Trini and leggo, yuh know the general area of the fete was the place to be! Vibes cyah done. All the big acts were on hand for this one. Kes the Band with Nadia Batson, Eklectik came to change up the vibes lil bit with a tight dance routine, King David Michael Rudder commanded the stage for a great performance from a legend in the game. Soca Chutney artist Rikki Jai, one of the true entertainers in the business, graced the stage as well. Shurwayne Winchester and the big Caribbean Traffik Jam tore up Bacchanal Wednesday with their repertoire of hits.... "The Band Coming", "Dead or Alive", "Don't Stop", "Can't Wait" and "Open The Gate". The fire pace just kept coming as Destra and Atlantik took the stage around 2 AM, joined by both Barry Chandler (Crop Over Road March'06 winner) and Naya George. "Season is here.... will you be there? .... I don't wanna miss this bacchanal.... somebody show me a sign, free yuh mind... take out yuh rag and wave everybody!" Run d big Destra "Signs".

As you probably already heard, this is the Destra performance in which some jacker in the audience started throwing glow sticks on the stage and one actually hit her. This is after she had asked several times for the person to stop doing it. Needless to say Destra had to deal with the individual in the only way they seemed to understand. ;-) Just when you thought things could not get any better, it was time for the jumbie man himself to take the stage. Machel Montano HD, joined by a choir from south, he performed all his big hits for 2007 including "Higher Than High", "Down the Road", "One More Time", "Light It Up" (more fire works to light up de sky) and of course, the big one that eventually won the Road March crown for 2008, "Jumbie"!

Bacchanal Wednesday, a true Carnival staple for many years still lives up to the hype. There are a lot of huge events for Carnival that just don't have the vibe for one reason or another. Bacchanal Wednesday continues to deliver on the Carnival bacchanal as it has for many years. Thanks to Zen management for accommodating this TJJ team to let the world know what we saw and what we felt at this event. We will definitely be part of the bacchanal next year!

Big W the Appraiser aka Sigma Juice for the TJJ fam

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