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D'Original Vale Breakfast Party 2007
Date: Sunday 18th February 2007
Location: Diamond Vale. Trinidad
Promotions: Undisclosed
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Well Carnival 2007 in full swing now, even for those folks who join the Fetalotathon® late and only been here ah few days. By now we have lost track of time and number of drinks consumed, so we not entirely sure on what day this fete takes place, some call it Saturday night some say Sunday morning. So we fall in the fete round bouts 4AM on Sunday and we tell you we among the chosen ones. Tickets for this fete so dam hard to get, you would swear is diamonds self they made out of. We swear we see Jay-Z wearing one around his neck in his video!!

So yes we fall in at the time most folks are used to leaving a club, the vibes and the feters done if full swing, you could not walk thru the street in between the houses, aka the dance floor, without taking a lil wine fuss tings nice in here. So after making it thru the "wine pit", we reach the social area of the fete in the park. Every year they keep expanding the size of this area so the drinks bars is literally on the other side of the park, the food tent right alongside the drinks. So it makes for quite a large gathering area to see and been seen. Chill with folks you ain't seen in ah while, enjoy your drinks and food and more drinks without having to be in the bump and grind of the "wine pit", and for sure it was bump and wine up in there!!!

This is one of the few fetes the TJJ Crew does leave all de professional gear at home. We come out to free up and enjoy we self like everyone else, but like no one see the "Off Duty" sign up!! ;-) So we snap pics until we batteries died, and then even borrowed batteries from friends to capture some live TJJ TV Action Cam... it's like Carnival Monday when this fete gets heated, yes!

DC's #1 Soca DJ Sprang International and TnT's hot female DJ Alicia D'Duchess had the pit going nice all mornin long, that is until one unfortunate event. A young lady either fell off the wall or someone fell off the wall on top of her. This brought a halt to the party as quiet and space was needed to determine her condition and allow the medics in to treat her. Is there a doctor in the house? Well ah never see so much drunk MD's stumble to a scene before. Doh feel we ain't make out nuff a dem who ain't move a muscle or raise up from dey winin stance too!! Not that they ent care, but dey know dey was in no condition to assess no patient. This took ah few minutes and put a real dent in the vibes. Somebody say it was an untrained wall winer that fall off. This calls for a TJJ PSA (Party Service Announcement).... "Could this be the end of the 'D Wall Crew'? Every year it seems that somebody does fall off de wall and hurt demself or somebody else. Take it from us you could enjoy the fete just as much down on the ground, and when you get drunk, pass out or just fall down you don't have as far to go!!"

Well folks as usual a good time was had by one and all in D'Original Breakfast Fete. As usual, we strongly urge you not to attempt to come to this fete is you've never been :-). It's like if you never fly 1st Class, you really ent know what you missing. ;-) Large up the Bajan crew who doh miss this one. Big ups to good friends Alex Jordan (BBC 1Xtra) and NBA baller Jamal Magloire on the inside. Ah hear a man tell the organizer he go name he first born after him for a lifelong pass. Ain't nuttin like this fete, all crew and crew, NO BANDS and just pure vibes from start to end. Minutes to 1 PM now, and who is tuh get sunburn dun get sunburn. Who say beach? Event number #28 on the Fetalotathon® complete. Yuh know we dey next year!

Spudz McKenzie, Chooks and Big W the Appraiser aka Sigma Juice for the TJJ fam

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