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Photos By Stephen Choo Quan
Miami Fly Girls and Rango's TAO II ... 'All Inclusive'
Date: Saturday 11th October 2008
Location: Miami Metro Zoo. Miami, FL
Promotions: Miami Fly Girls and Rango
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What's up my Kings and Queens? It's Miami Fly Girls time again! Rango and Miami Fly Girls presented "TAO II", and the fete didn't disappoint. The Metro Zoo was beautifully decorated in red lanterns accented by red and yellow drapes hanging from trees and gorgeous Fly Girls decked out in their TAO costume best, welcomed everyone as they arrived.

"Pomegranate or Lychee Martini?" was the first thing I was asked when I walked in, so I knew this was going to be a great fete! The sweet smell of Corn Soup, Bake and Shark, Jerk Chicken, Roti and Lo Mein filled my nostrils as I reported for Fly Girl duty in my black and gold Asian costume.

The crowd, knowing that this event is toppa toppa came decked out in casual chic clothing and immediately went to the dancefloor where DJ Rambo, Sprang International and Back to Basics spun classics and new vibes throughout the evening. As they wined low to d ground, Fly Girls were on hand giving out yellow and red glow sticks to wave in the air throughout the night. This ultra all inclusive fete lived up to its name - no long wait for drinks and swift moving food lines - immediate satisfaction, I love it! Pan sensation, Dane Gulston took to the stage bringing sweet sweet pan music to the ears of happy fete babies who found a partner and jammed on.

As night fell and the sun began to set, BET's Jeanille, the MC for the evening, introduced the first singer ... "Can you say Fyyyyahhhhh!!" Bunji Garlin took to the stage and mash up d place. Shurwayne Winchester was also on hand and got the crowd sweating even more jumping and waving all ova d place! I'm pretty sure after their performances, every man and woman soaked through their clothes with sweat!

But wait, fete not done yet! The rhythm section, who played throughout the fete got to jammin' even more bringing a nice crowd around them with smiles on their faces. Wait what's this? A conga line? Woy Woy!! smile I'm surprised the animals didn't buss a wine with the way this fete was going, yes! Intimate, exclusive, and warm, TAO ... I'm your Miami Fly Girl fuh life! Until next year, Tiffany, let me know when I have to get meh costume design in!

- Mix Juice ... making sure the animals didn't break free from their cages!!!