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Date: Saturday 16th May 2009
Privé Nightclub . Trinidad W.I.
Promotions: Privé Nightclub & Premium Concepts

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Well it’s been a long time since TJJ eh hit ah South fete. We always hear a buzz about activities in the South land, and in particular, about parties going on at the fairly new nightclub Privé. So in good spirits, accompanied by a bit of adventure and feeling for novelty, we decided to go beyond the regular boundaries ... yes, go pass de Lighthouse! smile

Linking up our transport was a bit challenging and we left town way later than our scheduled time. Say what, it's Trinidad and we moving on Trini time ... ha ha!! Touching down minutes to one, we linked up with D’ Young Juice, who is a bit more familiar with the southern geography and nightlife, before going about our regular duties.

The dance was already in full swing. Partygoers out dressed to the theme of either rockSTARS, superSTARS or even pornSTARS. There was even the opportunity to win hampers for best dressed male and female. Who say competition?! At the bar (one of our favourite spots), premium drink specials were running all night long. And with enough of our peeps drinking by the bottle, getting a drink was a breeze.

The DJs had the vibes pumping all night long, and even one of TJJ’s very own Young Simmo, was up in the mix spinning on the 1’s and 2’s as well. As we mingled, we quickly realized that folks from all over the country come to party at Privé. One character in particular, after posing all pretty, pretty for a picture with a young lady later caught up with us and asked to delete the photo. Real jokes, yes!! He say he's a 'Town Man' and couldn't have the picture be seen publicly. Talk bout keeping things on the down low ... Diego in the house!! Well TJJ eh out to buss nobody files, so *click click* ... photo deleted.

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Photos By Yohann Govia & Peter C.Q.
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Near 4 AM, we headed outside to grab a bite to eat from the onsite burger stand before 'gears-ing up' for the trek back to the hills of Maraval. Of course, while waiting on our food to grill we were still in action mode, catching up with some folks in the carpark. We even bounce up artist Third Bass (you hope you all does check out his Weekly Top 15 Local Chart on TJJ).

Large up Premium Concepts for having us. Definitely keep us in the mix for any upcoming promotions.

d’ Local Juice