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Bazodee Friday 2009 - Bacchanal Factory
Date: Friday 30th January 2009
Location: Pier 1 Chaguaramas. Trinidad W.I.
Promotions: Triniscene, Bazodee Friday Committee
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Now every weekend until Carnival the pace gets a little quicker and the fetes get even more hype as the anticipation builds to the grand finale. The energy at Bazodee Friday "The Bacchanal Factory" was definitely a marker that the time is drawing nearer. Despite the fact that the new promotion team scaled down the venue from the past, it was still packed with eager partygoers ready to take their carnival season to the next level. You also know that we nearly there as the clothes get less and less and the dutty behaviour, more and more! smile

The party featured live entertainment by Kes the Band, who took to the stage around midnight to get the bacchanal started. Both lead singers Kees and Nadia Batson did their thing showcasing powerful vocals and getting the crowd pumped up with their 2009 hits such as "Thunder", "This Feeling" and Batson's popular "Bumpers Rule" on the Fix It Up Riddim.

The show kept moving at an impressive rate as Antigua's Tizzy and Richard Trumpet ("Wuk Me Remix") took the stage followed by Hunter, Iwer George and the King of Swag, Super Jigga TC all of whom performed their singles that are currently blazing up the airwaves.

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Photos By Rayhann J, Tuere K, & Andre C.Q.
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DJs High Fidelity/Less than Zero then took to the set as the crowd took the chance to top up their drinks and take a wine to the hottest songs for the season. You know when the DJ music playing that's the time to focus all your attention on the sweet wine you either giving or receiving since there are no performances to distract you, so you know what was going on then! smile

Machel and HD family let us know that once again they plan to be a force to be reckoned with a hot performance that took our Carnival fever up a couple notches. Their 2009 repertoire is beginning to expand as Machel announced that he released a new single everyday of the last week and still has more to come including the 'Road March' ... one word "Ants". Oh gosh the anticipation!!!! He previewed some new tracks including "Haunted" which had the HD dancers doing a thriller dance reminiscent of "Jumbie". Even fellow Soca artistes Alison Hinds and Stabby were sighted in the crowd attentively taking in the performance. Although Machel ended on a sombre note with one of his 2k9 offerings "Pray", all we kept singing was "We won't stop till the sun come up cause we wininnnnn' jamminnnnn' ... we chipping in a line mine is yours, yours is mine cause wininnnn', jamminnnnn" If you don't already know it, get to know it!

Teekay for the TJJ Fam