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Colours Of The Shade 2
Date: Thursday 9th April - Monday 13th April 2009
Location: The Shade. Tobago W.I.
Promotions: The Shade
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Five Nights of Nonstop Partying

Easter Weekend is one of the best holiday weekends ever and TJJ did it live and direct for five nights in Tobago for the Colours of The Shade 2. Peeps trust me each moment was filled with the best there is. Ignite, Inferno Friday, Seductive Saturday, Bubble Up foam party and Simple C's Anniversary all had one thing in common ... "A COOL SCENE".

Thursday morning about 3am, TJJ was at Piarco International Airport boarding a Caribbean Airlines jet plane to Crown Point, Tobago. Cameras, laptops, sunblock, shades and the vinyl turn tables checked in as the big weekend about to start. You know what we always say, "A is for Action!"

The main objectives were the parties, but we also experienced and captured the beauties of Tobago. At Pigeon Point, masses of people were just enjoying the sand and water. We hit up the various radio stations to inform listeners that TJJ was in town and to look their best! We even rolled pass some of the customized cars as they were sound testing in preparation for a car show, and anything that might have seemed small and simple had a meaning that was worth capturing.

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Photos By Yohann Govia
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Ignite set it off with a small crowd of the early bird vacationers and the locals, but must mention the birthday party in the VIP area as this was quite different. Let's just say they had a time!!! Lol! At Inferno Friday, there was a large turnout and a great vibe with big DJ's passing through dropping a mix of Reggae, Dancehall and Soca. Seductive Saturday was a true "Trini" night with the majority of the crowd vacationing from the sister isle enjoying an eclectic mix of music. What made this night different was the fact that party went till 5:45am as it truly represented the cosmopolitan people of the island who know how to party. Now at the Bubble up foam party, a foam machine was strategically placed on the dance floor releasing bubbles slowly combined with the top class lasers of The Shade. This night patrons were allowed entry with beach wear and the biggest crew won a bottle of Alize. This fete had action! Finally for Simple C's Anniversary, a well known DJ in the buisness for about 15 years who represents for a diverse people and has a following of many, this night was the biggest. Remember I did say "A is for Action!"

Easter weekend in Tobago is worth a try ... parties, beaches, fabulous people and cocktails to enjoy!

BTW, the TJJ experience of Appleton Rum and Cane Juice was the bomb (AppleCane) on the rocks!!

D'Young Juice ... Signing out for Easter Weekend

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