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Frenchmen Blocko 2009
Date: Thursday 16th April 2009
Location: Braywick Rd, Jacks Hill. Kingston, Jamaica
Promotions: Frenchmen
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An Intro to Frenchmen

With Bacchanal Jamaica's next event (Bacchanal J'Ouvert) scheduled for Friday night at their Mas Camp, we were on the hunt for a good party on Thursday, and Frenchmen's annual Blocko fete gave us exactly what we were searching for.

Like TRIBE and ISLANDpeople in Trinidad, Frenchmen's name carries a great amount of clout within the entertainment industry in Jamaica, notably for their Ultra All Inclusive parties held Hero's Weekend in October & on New Year's Day. Over the Carnival weekend, they host two events under the name "Ambassadors" - a Blocko on Carnival Thursday and their annual All Inclusive Carnival fete on Saturday. So naturally, TJJ had to check out the scene (especially being a Frenchmen virgin).

Link up time was 9:30pm @ the Knutsford Court Hotel, but having to wait for Destra and her entourage (who were also staying at the Knutsford - big up man like Dennis) to get ready, we hit the road around 10pm with Sean Paul & crew, who joined the Bacchanal Jamaica convoy to Jacks Hill. The streets around the venue were filled with cars, but parking was well organized by security and the shuttle service was efficiently running. A quick 2 minute ride and we were in front the fete, which was a large sectioned off area on Braywick Road. Looks like we feting on a lil' hill tonight folks, so if you wondering why your back was hurting d next morning ... wining on an incline (especially for inexperienced winers) for a long duration can cause this!

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Photos By Andre C.Y. Choo Quan

There were two full bars located on both sides of the fete for quick access, but only one was serving beers (yes, I'm a beer drinker). And since tonight was FREE Red Stripe Light lager, I found myself spending a lot of time at the bottom of the hill (in close proximity to the Red Stripe bar). smile At the top end of the block was the DJ tent, and guess who was controlling the music? Yes, Renaissance Disco got Carnival in Jamaica on lock! Smoke & Delano reppin'! Large up DJ's Bambino and Richie D also on the inside. It was 100% SOCA all night ... just how we love it!!

In the middle of the Blocko was a private driveway, where partygoers could break for food (on sale towards the rear) or to freshen up. This was the very first Blocko I've been to where the bathrooms (Johnny On The Spots) had ushers. Jamaicans definitely don't miss a step when it comes to providing top notch service to their patrons, well Frenchmen for sure!

We started to see quite a few new faces that flew in for the Carnival weekend, and with drinks flowing and big tunes playing, the vibes were sweet. It was definitely a very sexy, uptown crowd ... just how we love it!! Talent for days!

With work in the morning for most folks, things started winding down around 12:30am, and about an hour later, all I clearly remember wining while a lady with a broom was sweeping around my feet. Jokes!! So like Olly's Bottle Party the night before, it was a come early - enjoy yuhself - go home early party. No scene, we had a time! Thanks for having us Uncle Ian. Next year, we'll be the 1st person in line when the doors open!!

With three box food (minus the cutlery) to go, we on da move to New Kingston. Bacchanal J'Ouvert tomorrow ... we cyah wait!!

A TJJ Party Guru Tip - "When it comes to partying in Jamaica, arrive EARLY because parties finish EARLY!"

Having no problems giving my food to the needy,
Chooks aka Daddy Juice

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