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Insomnia 2009
Date: Saturday 21st February 2009
Location: MOBS2. Chaguaramas, Trinidad W.I.
Promotions: Island Style Entertainment & Island People
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Could this be the end of Insomnia?

Hey TJJ famileeee, Ray J here, coming at you from one of the biggest fetes for the Carnival season, INSOMNIA! And when we say big, we mean big!! We arrived at the venue at around 2:00am and to our surprise the event didn’t begin as yet. Because of the rain, the delay occurred, however, the show was under way after a quick clean up. With Imij & Co. kicking off the show, they got the crowd moving. On our way to the bake and shark section, we bumped into Scorch Magazine’s very own Sophie Wight (photo) and we’re able to get a lil' insight into the magazine along with a delicious bake and shark of course.

Not long after our first encounter of the celeb kind, roughly about 3:55am, Destra took the stage and put on a fiery performance that had the crowd singing, dancing, and even climbing the general admission fences. Lol. Seriously they were all on the fence. Performing crowd favourites like “Bonnie & Clyde” and of course “Bacchanal”, which tore up the dance not to mention stands a good chance at taking Road March for Carnival 2k9.

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Photos By Rahaan J. & Jerren W.
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After Destra’s feet stomping performance, we made a move through general admission to see what pretty faces we could spot. And so we did, we even came across a few characters, one in particular was especially hilarious. A man dancing his life away like there’s no tomorrow to the sweet rhythms of the Laventille Rhythm Section ... with a broom!! Lol. But just when we thought it couldn’t have gotten any better, Bunji Garlin was up, and with a few surprises too. Bunji & The Asylum band’s performance was nothing short of absolutely stupendous. If I’m not mistaken, like 85% of his performance was him free-styling (now tell me that not just dread!!) Joined on the stage by Jamaican Dancehall King, Beenie Man, the two battled it out lyrically for what seemed like hours ... but no one was complaining (I sure wasn’t). As the dust settled from the intense clash, none other than Benjai was seen joining the stage, then Scarface and then 3Suns. And soon it was the entire Asylum family, 3Suns and Beenie on stage ... a recipe for greatness. And great it was!!

As the night progressed, who else can we see other than Ms. Alison Hinds chillin’ out with some friends in the crowd. Even Young Marcel and Ziggy Ranking were spotted amongst the VIP partygoers at roughly 7:00 AM Sunday morning, and some people looked like they were already off to dreamland. smile But that changed soon after as Machel and the HD family rocked the crowd with their presence. “Wild Antz”, “Sway in de Mas” and “Block to Block” just to name a few of the many tunes they used out of their arsenal of music. And to add to the madness the ‘hose men’ decided to turn on the water, soaking every last person in the water’s path. With waist and water, it was utter and complete Insomnia anarchy (in a good way of course), even Machel was in shock to see a few men on wheelchairs getting down and dirty with the chicas.

Over an hour had passed and the smoke, or should I say the water, was still clearing after HD’s smashing performance. Thankfully the only casualties were the general admission’s fence and alot of people’s shoes. Wet and muddy we got our breakfast (which was great by the way, especially the bread) and witnessed something that very little words can describe. Imagine an overly enthusiastic Asian man danced and when I say dance ... I mean ..... it was like a mixture of Ballet, Kung Fu and something that is foreign to my knowledge (see photos 179-182). But one things for sure, it was VERY entertaining. Lol. Very!

With the sun making its way overhead, it seemed as though that time was drawing near, but the fun didn’t end there, Peter C. Lewis & the Orchestra took the stage along with a few guest performers. 645, one of the Synergy Soca Star contenders including the 2009 winner Chynee performed their hits and ushered in Super Jigga TC and Iwer Goerge a.k.a “The Boss”, to mash up what was left to be mashed up with their Carnival grooves, “Again” and “Ready,” but by then we were near ready to make tracks, and so we closed off what may be the last ever Insomnia. A great one, most definitely a memorable one! If you missed it, you missed out.

This is Ray J from the TJJ family saying laterz!

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