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ISLANDpeople Mas "Heaven On Earth"
Carnival Monday 2009

Date: Monday 23rd February 2009
Promotions: ISLANDpeople Mas
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How do you remember 48 hours of pure bliss when all you can remember was a blur ... but in the cracks of memory that are comin' back to me, I'm putting my best foot forward. Carnival Monday morning, 2K9, soca pumpin from every corner... everything running to schedule, aiming to meet the band for 10am, well ok ok more like 11-ish. Lip gloss check, Lunch ticket check, T.P (toilet paper) check, ISLANDpeople Mas band-safely fastened on right hand check, B-mobile green cup check, camera check ... aright we ready for the road.

Yes people, 2009 saw Island People's 4th year in existence and I have to say, that as per usual the vibes started off just right leaving the stadium on time and heading down Ariapita Avenue to make we name in the hot sun all over again for 2K9.

No doubt that this year was just as good as the years gone by with all the usual suspects that make the band the 'bess vibes' band that they are. One thing for sure, music is always 'on point' when yuh jumpin' with the I.P. crew. From Jugglers (biggup man like Barry) to Titan, Raw Fusion, Tweez, Rapid Response and a list of other DJ's, flingin' styles old and new, re-mixed and dub plated, styles ah flow like woman. And oh my did it have woman - all walks, all races, all shapes and sizes, I.P can truly boast that their women are the finest and most sassy. I.P peeps made the streets look like their own fashion runway strip with their personal style. The women made boyshorts and vests look like an authentic Carnival Monday kit, and for the men left wiping dribble form the corner of their mouths' we hadda say it was in line with the theme this year, it truly was "Heaven on Earth". Let me jus tell yuh one time too ladies, the I.P men eh backward neither, something about that armhole I.P jerseys and shorts that make our men look ever so yummy and REA-DAYYYYY!!!

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Photos By Yohann Govia
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Monday saw everyone in their more relaxed 'dress back' mode, flowing through the streets with a freeness that signaled the start of the bacchanal. Drinks flowing and the I.P. barmen and women all enjoying their elevated gyrating on top the trucks, smiling and serving up the drinks without delay, and best of all this year - no shortage of alcohol, all 6 Bar trucks were stocked and ready to rock the soca, as well as the 3 Food trucks that served up tasty lunch orderly and timely. Things were sweet, and by the time we had reached into town I noticed that plenty people hand was sporting TRIBE bands (Hmmm!!). Not like we have any bias, but it's a known fact that I.P offers up a kind of lime that embraces all kinds, so they too were welcome. The band has truly managed to dominate the scene over the past few years as the 'people's band', and although this year they didn't have names like Lara and Machel playin' in the band, doh play like allyuh eh know is everybody passed though I.P to show they face and take a wine for the 2K9. The celebrities were 'in da house' and havin' a time. Between Bravo and Beenie Man alone - zim zimma - I.P really was the girls dem sugar!!

The band boasted 13 sections this year and my personal favourites Carnival, Ocean Whisper, Afrodisiac and Natural Mystic looked like a sea of beautiful colours and adorned bodies.

I would have to say that band members numbers this year had definitely increased and the one pet peeve we all experienced personally, with the delay in collection of costumes was quickly washed away by the sheer enjoyment and unexplainable ecstasy on the road that I.P. delivers to its loyal players, not a fuss, not a fight ... 'chippin in a line, mine is your, yours is mine' and we WININ' we JAMMIN'!!!

Monday madness came to a good end off and with plenty' head bad' and smiles, I.P made it a day in the sun to remember and with rag in hand we went to our homes in anticipation of the next morning, bright and early to leave the Stadium for 7...

[continued on Tuesday]

Yanns for the TJJ massive
'We run tings, ting nah run we'

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