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Kama Sutra VIII ... Forbidden
Date: Saturday 14th February 2009
Location: Trinidad Country Club. Maraval, Trinidad
Promotions: Undisclosed

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2nd Gunner's Log 1.0

I boarded the Enterprise in the wee hours of the morning on Feb 14th (no chocolates or flowers in hand). My destination... Trinidad Carnival. By the time I walked out of what felt like an all-inclusive fete, but claimed to be Trinidad Customs, I had some urge to drink one of the bottles of Royal Oak that I acquired in the duty free lounge. I refrained. 40 mins later I was carded in the lineup for Kama Sutra, and although I am the kind of person that showers before he goes to the beach... I don't like to eat before I go to dinner or drink before I go to an all-inclusive. That's just wasteful!

After those approximate 40 mins, give or take 15 my ride is beaming me down to the kind streets of Maraval. I performed an equipment check; sneakers laces tied, camera film loaded, media list verified and cell phone in meh pants. This was "Man vs Fete" and I'm the Bear Grylls of the season. It's after midnight by now and judging by de jamming in KFC and Royal Bank parking lots, I can already foresee that this party ram. I stepped out of the car and proceeded towards the Trinidad Country Club. Dr. Ram Dass is on the inside and what ah judgment! It's the longest, most staffed bar that I have ever seen in my life! This bar win!! They definitely came out to give people free drinks. So once I made a best friend behind de bar, I started to venture outwards, stage bound.

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Photos By Ram Dass
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Woman, woman and more woman. Excluding de Jack Daniels (who should not be excluded from anything), Battery and Blue Waters Girls... it was more, and yet still more woman!! All this makes a photographer's task at hand lengthy yet enjoyable. smile I busy taking a photo of a couple smallies wining on each other when I make out something like de Predator moving thru the trees ... branches shaking and blowing. Intro music start to play. Shurwayne Winchester entered the stage via a man-carrying crane of some sort (see photo) ... very fancy and such a relief cause I don't think that Danny Glover was on de island yet. Had me standing and looking up in de mango tree for ah good couple minutes. Of course, de band Y.O.U and their season's guest, Maxi Priest, had the crowd completely entertained. But Patch with some "Rum and Roti", Kes the Band and Nadia Batson with all their originals and covers, and don't forget Hunter with he "Jepp Sting Naina" made this a legit and proper stage show. I however, prefer to wine to a DJ set. Merry Perry and Code 9 help me organize my business.

At some point, the results of waking up in the wee hours of the morning and drinking plenty rum triggered and sent a signal to my brain that carnival now start. Before I collapsed, I needed to make a call to be picked up. Despite the time now being after 4am, someone responded to my distress signal. I'll live to fete another day. Peace to the Streets!

This party had it all, including Forbidden Love. I going and practice my Kama Sutra positions for the rest of 2009 so I'll be ready for Kama Sutra 9 in 2010.

Thanks for having the Dr.

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