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Pretty Girls Fete
Date: Saturday 13th June 2009
Location: West Tampa Convention Center. Tampa, FL
Promotions: Tampa Bay Caribbean Carnival Committee

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After a long day of hot sun (and I mean hot), we headed back to de Mariott to take a quick five - which ended turning into a not-so-quick ten. We can no longer trust Party McFly with a full belly and some chill air condition breeze!! A couple of cowboy baths, and we on were the I-275 heading to the West Tampa Convention Center.

After two wrong turns and a 20-minute drive from St. Petersburg, we arrived at the venue around midnight. But eh eh, parking lot full… so we pulled a spot in the bank's parking lot next door like everybody else who arrived around the same time. Some smiles and ole talk at the door, and we were on the inside. Surprisingly, the place wasn't crowded at all, but there were enough people spread out throughout the venue to make it a good fete. Plus, word is, the Tampa Bay Carnival Ft. Lauderdale busride ent reach as yet! However, there were way too many chairs in the venue for a fete … so there were a lot of partygoers sitting down.

Looks like we just missed the Neveau Saka Band, so to the bar we go. The DJs kept the vibes pumping in between bands, and MC Smallie ensured everyone was in the Carnival spirit. Around 12:45am, Byron Lee Dragonaires took to the stage and did a decent job in getting people on their feet and stage front. Our only complaint is the band needs to get up to the times, and spend more time actually performing than giving instructions to the audience. There is only so much times we can move to the left, go down low or jump and wave!

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Photos By Andre C.Q. & Collin Mc.
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Immediately following The Dragonaires, it was non-stop live jamming. Juliette Mills, representing St. Kitts & Nevis sang two of her tracks, then the every so sexy Trini Jacobs did a few of her numbers, including "Sexy Boo" on the popular Fix It Up riddim and Fay-ann Lyon's "Heavy T". Now, when Trini hit the stage, every man in the fete were on their feet to catch a piece of her sexiness… no lie! And as Smallie rightfully put it, she should change her name from Trini Jacobs to "Sexy Jacobs"!!

With a limited amount of party time left, Terry Gajraj & the Supertones band touched the stage for about 10 minutes making way for Leon Coldero & Code 868 who took the fete right up to it's 3am end time. Now since the last time we saw Code 868 perform, we must admit that the band is sounding a lot better and new addition frontline singer, Oscar B is a great fit alongside Coldero and Roger George. The chemistry works!

Before the fete was finished we did manage to catch up with Trini Jacobs, who confirmed that she is in fact no longer with Roy Cape All Stars, and is enjoying being a solo artist for the time being. Best of luck Trini … keep positive and shining bright!

Day 1 … it's a wrap! It's a big show tomorrow … Alison Hinds & Sean Paul.

Chooks aka Daddy Juice

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