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UWI All Inclusive "Welcome To UWI Isle"
Date: Sunday 18th January 2009
Venue: UWI Campus Grounds. St. Augustine, Trinidad
Promoters: Development and Endowment Committee
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TJJ TV Coverage: UWI All Inclusive "Welcome To UWI Isle"

It was around 2:45 p.m. when I made final arrangements to meet with the rest of the TJJ team. After exiting the Solomon Hochoy Highway I made my way to the event passing UWI Spic. From there it was a clear indication that things were already in full swing by the amount of cars backed up to get into the venue. After taking a shortcut on to Braithwaite Street to the Eastern Main Road, then back to UWI through the tunnel, I was on my way to UWI 2009 all inclusive. UWI Security were out in their numbers directing patrons to their designated parking areas. So you left your vehicle feeling secured. At the media entrance, there was photo identification, something I have seen for the first time being implemented in an all-inclusive fete.

A little history on UWI All Inclusive ... it was started in 1990 by now President Max Richards former UWI Principal with the intent of being a fund raiser to assist University students and has stuck to that tradition to this date.

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Photos By Andre C.Q. & Yohann G.
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Upon entering the Principals' grounds, we were greeted by a wide array of beverages, promoted in very creative ways. The one that stood out to us was the Jack Daniel's booth. Well, seeing that I'm not much of a drinker could there have been something else that attracted me? smile (see photos 6-10) Hmmm... and for all the lovers of the spirits, there were three bars strategically placed, so you would not have to go far for a drink. Don't talk about food! I believe we were the official food tasters for the event. It took just about an hour - maybe two - before we got around to where the stage performance was located. Mind you, when we got there, Miss Sassiness herself, Destra Garcia and her band (yes, the name Atlantik is no more) were performing, prior to that, Rita Jones and JMC 3veni.

Taking a quick glance around the venue, we saw several prominent people from the likes of newly appointed National Carnival Commission Chairman Mr. Howard Chin Lee, Energy and Energy Industries Minister Mr. Conrad Enil, General Manager of Trinidad Publishing Company Limited Mr. Grenfell Kissoon to name a few. It is this type of participant-ship that staples UWI All Inclusive as one of the premier exclusive events for the Carnival season.

Anyway, when we finally made it to the stage area Roy Cape All Stars were doing their thing - with front line singers Blaxx, Trini Jacobs and Olatungi Yearwood. With Trini up front looking fit as a fiddle, Roy Cape All Stars took the spectators through a musical journey featuring the likes of Dr. Leroy Calliste aka Black Stalin. He brought back some of the old favorites like "Black Man" etc. Also KMC, the "I'm Not Drunk" Man, energized the masses, young and mature alike.

From there, Machel Montano HD took to the stage. Patrons were gathered in their numbers to see the energetic performance that is normally associated with this band. Among the talents were recently added members such as 2007 Synergy Soca Star winner Umi Macarno and the return of $hel $hock Benjamin. With the HD dancers wearing T-shirts dedicated to the recently departed Mighty Duke, Montano paused for a minute to pay his respect, before performing his infamous "Big Truck".

From the Angostura Deck to the front of the stage, all the way back to the eating area, the view was of people jumping in unison to the sound of sweet soca music. Carnival 2kwine is officially here!

The event ended promptly at 8:00 p.m. leaving patrons satisfied, as many were seen getting their last fill of remaining food, and course, that last bit of coconut water before hitting the road.

Reporting from the TJJ Carnival Frontline,