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Photos By Amiel Barrimond
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Miami-Broward One Carnival 2010 Pt.5
Date: Sunday 10th October 2010
Location: Sun Life Stadium. Miami, FL
Promotions: Miami-Broward One Host Committee

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Miami Carnival 2010: The Tales
serious facts first, fun facts after...

- This has to be a long parade ... obviousily with just twenty-five (25) bands such as Generation X, Carnival Nationz Miami, Natural Freaks, Mascots Int’l , Party People just to name a few. All the bands had wonderful themes and names being portrayed for example "Cocktails", "Tribute to Mighty Sparrow" and "Colours of Earth".

- The Costumes' styles ranged from traditional pieces - two piece suits, thongs, sequins, head pieces, even standards; to quite realistic impressions of Avatar characters, creating a vibrant blend of colours, designs and looks in the streets of Miami Gardens.

- This annual event attracts over one hundred thousand (100,000) people from all over the globe especially the States, Canada, Europe, Latin America and of course ... >> READ MORE

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