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Photos By TJJ Photography Team
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Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2011 Extras
Date: March 2011
Location: Port-Of-Spain. Trinidad, W.I.
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2011 Trinidad Carnival ... Sad to see it go away ... As always extremely entertaining, exciting and energetic! The return of the Grand Stage was oh so important to the exclusive & ultimatly wonderful atmosphere that filled the air. Without a doubt the taking Advantage of that stage was imperative as well as the Dancing & Dingolaying while drinking Puncheon all day!

Last Year we complained about the road - we got the stage ... We have no complaints this year!

TJJ Team this year - Daddy Juice, D'Local Juice, Young Juice, Jokey Juice, Cass S. Frenchie Juice, Scorn Juice, Jonathan Mark©, Pink Juice, Party Scene Investigations, Ram Dass, Party McFly, The Appraiser, Popots Barbie Juice & Posh Juice.

So Here Comes The Line Up - Jamaica Carnival, Cayman Islands Carnival 2010, Berlin Carnival 2011 and MANY MORE for 2011. TJJ will as usual be there, where will you be??

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