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Photos by Anthony E.M.
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Grand Kadooment Day 2013 Part 3
Date: Monday 5th August 2013
Location: Warrens to Spring Garden. Barbados, W.I.
Promotions: National Cultural Foundation (NCF)

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Once again your very own Daddy Juice and the TJJ crew touched down in BIM to experience Crop Over 2013 first hand. Frenchie, Juicy Juice, Red Sno Cone and for her first ever Crop Over, Roopie (did you hear her Crop Over cherry pop? smile) and yours truly - measured the landscape, dibbied at, sorry divvied up the events and set out to fete.... um... we mean work.

I got ah question fuh yuh ... I got ah question fuh yuh ... I got ah question fuh yuh ... I got ah question fuh yuh ... Barbados, how yuh landscape get so broad??!! We covered 15 events in a 4 day, 5 night period and this does not even include Kadooment day itself! Mind you, the number of events could have been more but ... >> READ MORE

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