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KES and YANKEE BOY in Washington DC!!! Well yes, we already know what that mean... non stop vibes, non stop antics, and well the most obvious, ALL THE LADIES!

The event was not 100% sold out, but the venue was packed out with party goers who all were having such a great time. At first arrival the crowd was a nice small one, but this was early (wanted to take advantage of the open bar), and as the evening progressed the crowd filtered with everyone nicely dressed, and thankfully the weather wasn't as cold as it had been lately, so everyone wasn't bundled up.

The event was held at LOOK Lounge. I'd had to admit I was as a little skeptical about this venue having been there a few previous occasions. My main issue was concerning where the performances would take place. I know this venue isn't built for live performances, but that doubt was quickly erased as I saw what FullStop Entertainment did with the place. It seemed like there was a vision in mind to set the venue apart from the regular events held there, and it was achieved.

The KES and Yankey Boy fans were out in full force with the crowd jamming from the start of performances 'til the end. Actually they were already in a groove as the Riddim Section warmed them up.

The food was AMAZING and DELICIOUS. Nothing else to say but the group of ladies who helped prepare it should all get a medal. And even though I didn't get any Corn Soup, I heard it was a bess. Moms did a great job especially with the Pelau and the Macaroni Pie. Ah real home cooked meal! 

The professionalism of the staff was flawless. Cheryl and Renee could be seen working tirelessly making sure things were in place. Kudos to them. From the guys at the front door, to the ladies serving the food, to the bouncers throughout the venue, everything was on point.

This was FullStop Entertainment's first event. And after speaking with the promoter, I understand that their goal is to promote signature events with a different flare. I like this. And for a first time event, to have pulled so many people is a great start. Elevation has set the tone for what's next to come out of FULLSTOP Entertainment, and from now on, this standard or better is expected. Period.

-Freshly Squeezed Juice

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>> View Elevation - The Ultimate Day Party Gallery