New Trini Jungle Juice Term - Carnival Roadgasm

Definition - A carnival roadgasm is defined as an euphoric experience that occurs on the road while playing mas. It can be triggered by a song, by pain in the foot (which sometimes bring about this feeling of euphoria) or by wining on a bumper. More often than not, this feeling is heightened and brought to its climax in the evening hours on the road during carnival, when crossing the stage or in the early morning hours of jouvert.

Complications with having
a Roadgasm

If you have never had a roadgasm, please do not feel ashamed. You are not alone. Many have this problem but it can be fixed, and if not fixed, at least attended to. All you does need to do is spend some time with yourself and get to know yourself. You need some alone time so that you can tickle and massage yourself...... with some soca music. Allow the soca to massage your soul and tickle your spirit. More often the not, the problem is.... you have been "listening" to the soca and not "feeling" the soca. This takes time. You cyah rush this. Once you take your time and do this right and the right soca song hits the right spot -- You'll know it.

Now, once you hear that same tune on the road, you will immediately go from wining to jumping up and down and then running in place and pumping your fist. Your face will look just as contorted as when you have an orgasm but this one will be on the road and it's quite different as no sex is involved.

Paroxysm of roadgasms

There are some individuals that are poly-roadgasmic. They do have multiple roadgasms in a 6, 10 or 14 hour period. These people are rare and have taken some time and years to get to know their "carnival bodies."

The roadgasm is also known to bring about an overwhelming feeling of happiness followed by tears of joy. This can then turn into what is called "The God Moment" but "The God Moment" and the roadgasm should not be confused as they are two separate entities and occurrences.

For more information on the Roadgasm and how to get one if you have not yet had one, please see the professionals on staff at Trini Jungle Juice. Usually all you need is the right form of progressive relaxation and soca music to bring about this experience next time you are on the road.

Major note: Nobody can GIVE you a roadgasm. You HAVE a roadgasm.

Side note: this experience is very difficult to have at smaller carnivals but it is possible with the right mixture of music, libations and friends.

Side, side note: Please wine responsibly.

Love, Peace and Soca.

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Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"


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