In the ever evolving world of carnival it is important to stay sharp and abreast on the changes, advancements and educational materials of the phenomenon.  Many-a-reveller have missed a few years on the carnival circuit, only to return and announce, "My, how things have changed."

And things have changed. From the fete line-ups, to the committee-based fetes, to the committee based bands, to the committee based band sections, to the all-inclusive (yet exclusive bands), to the travel regulation of Visas, Passports and TSA pre-check lines, Global entry travel passes and many other things.

The music has changed. The soca from old which had more of a calypso influence and natural instrument sound has been replaced with electronic music and have more of a EDM/Hip Hop/R&B influence. 

Things are different.

Never Stop Learning!

And as in all things the best thing that you can do is to stay abreast with the changes and to keep your education at a high level.

I encourage all persons to not only become familiar with carnival but also the history of carnival and the history of the country in which you are visiting.  Allow the soca and the carnival to serve as the sewing pattern and thread that connect you with others across the globe.  And while allowing that, understand that it is your job to guide the needle and to do the stitching. And you can wine, and party and drink rum, and buy the latest soca song and download the latest mix, and get in shape for carnival, etc.,. but the most important thing is for you to leave each fete and carnival experience different than how you arrived.

You should leave more educated, more learned, and emotionally lighter than your initial exposure.

Don't Rob Yourself
Of A Total Fete

For this reason, I tell people to arrive to fetes early.  Not so that you can be there early, but so that you can enjoy the educational experience of watching what my friend Winston Williams calls, "The Evolution of The Fete."  You have also paid your money for this experience and you should most certainly witness it.

There's nothing like sitting down in a corner and arriving early to Private Ryan's Soca Brainwash and allowing your brain and mind to capture all the mental pictures from when the first fetters walk through the entrance until the last song plays.  There's absolutely no reason to short yourself of that experience.  Especially if you are a carnival virgin. And if you are a veteran traveling with virgins, DO NOT remove this experience from them. This is the time when you teach them to look around and find the bathrooms. And explain to them why you have hand sanitizer in your pocket. This is when you explain to them that you can come to the all-inclusives and eat early and then relax and fete while people are still waiting in line.  This is the time when you all can talk about the ease of travel and how you get to actually spend more time in the fete together because you arrived early.  This is where you TEACH them and show them the value of the total experience, not just the fete but including the fete.   This is where many of the woman can analyze all of the different shoe options, clutch purse options, dress options, etc.,. and do so without the "noise" of the partying in the first 45 minutes to an hour.  There is a RICH learning experience here that many miss.  MANY!!!

Instead of many complaining about the costs of fetes, what we should all do is MAXIMIZE our investment for the fete but experiencing the WHOLE fete.  (I'm just saying).
Things are different.

A Fete Is No Longer
A Fete

A fete is no longer a fete and a party is no longer a party.

We are globally connected through twitter, facebook, instagram, whatsapp and many social media outlets. Therefore, when we reach certain locations we are actually meeting up with "virtual" friends. And there's no better time to meet someone from halfway across the world than at a fete. 

I know people that live in the same city in which I live. They stay less than 10-15 minutes from my home. And I NEVER see them in the city in which I live.  We don't meet up. We don't have lunch. If I need to send them something, I mail it.  I don't call them. We communicate on whatsapp and I never see them..... Until.... I'm in Trinidad during carnival or at a fete or on the road in a completely different city.

Its wild. 

And we would never meet and talk, if we did not get to the fetes somewhat early.

Things are different.

This experience is different.

The education required is different.

How Do You Plan
For Your Carnival
Experience Currently?

For the veterans that are reading this, even you know that planning a trip for carnival is a monumental task. And you, like me, get kind of relieved when you do carnivals outside of TNT because you don't have to jump over so many hurdles. You can just book your hotel, book your flight, buy your tickets online and go.  Except, when you want to go to the other "big" carnivals like Berlin, Nottinghill, Caribana, etc.,. it is here where you actually need to talk to someone who has been before.   Or to have some time of strategic framework for action to work from to ensure success.

So what do you do?

You search the internet.  You talk to people. You find the references. You look up the parties. You look at the videos so that you know what to wear. You look at the housing options. You gauge the mileage from the fete to the hotel. You get estimated costs. You do this and much more and you still forget stuff.  Because as organized as the best carnival veteran is, we still forget stuff because even our process needs to be measured against another one.


Because things are different and even while you are evolving, so is the phenomenal of carnival. Just think, TriniJungleJuice is not the same as it was during its inception 10 years ago. It has changed because we all have.

Read This Only If
You Would Like A
Better Carnival

And with that being said, I'm going to ask you to do something that will help you. I'm just a lowly writer.  I'm a person that loves carnival and loves people. I have been blessed to share my  experiences on carnival, through my eyes, through this massive carnival engine called TriniJungleJuice.  As the world's leader in carnival, they saw fit to endorse my book "The Ultimate Road Ready Guide" -
www.TheUltimateRoadReadyGuide.com  And the reason why they did it is because they saw the value in its help for many carnival goers and for many carnival first-timers.

Carnival is different and there's much to learn and always a more excellent way to do what it is that you already do.  It's my desire to maximize your carnival experience and that means I'm always trying to find a way to much the carnival wheel "rounder" to create a smoother experience.  With that in mind, I ask you, for the sake of growth of all persons to make an investment in "The Ultimate Road Ready Guide" -
www.TheUltimateRoadReadyGuide.com in hopes that it will help you and/or someone that you know. 

Things are different. Let's embrace those differences and cultivate our similarities.

Thank you in advance your support.

Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"
Instragram - @TheCarnivalDoctor

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