Viva La Carnival


It’s is very difficult to bring the vibes of carnival into a fete.  More often than not the fetes are provided as a means to the “finish” to the emotional "roadgasm" that is reached through the road experience.  What most fetes never accomplish is how to integrate and interstice that “roadgasm” feeling into the fete experience.  J’Ouvert themed parties and paint parties can somewhat do it as they blend the dutty mas and the Old mas thema into the fetting experience but few have been able to integrate the pretty mas experience inside of a fete.

We have all seen fetes that have had models and participants walk around in costumes in an attempt to bring that feeling into the fete. And while all of these efforts are great, they still somewhat miss the mark. Like two beautiful people who just can’t seem to click on a personal and sexual level. I mean, they look great together but there is just something missing with the chemistry. 

The ability to reach roadgasm is difficult for most feters. 
Usually things have to be just right. The rum. The scents. The smells. The sounds. The vibes. The ambience. The people. And if these things are off, you can have a great time but no “roadgasm.”   And the possibility of getting a “roadgasm” in a fete is damn near impossible.

......But the Viva La Carnival fete pulled it off. They provided the one element that is necessary for a roadgasm and everybody else found their affective roadmap to reach their emotional climax. 

Viva La Carnival” is translated loosely as “Long Live Carnival” and directly as “Live The Carnival” or “Carnival Life” and that is exactly what was provided. The Life Of The Road experience is impossible with The Big Truck. 

At the Viva La Carnival Fete their was a big truck right smack dab in the middle of the fete.  It provided the patrons with a little taste of the road and allowed many to reach a level of euphoria that can only be experienced when on the road.  Even if it wasn’t the best roadgasm ever, many had a roadgasm none the less. And you know the old saying, “A bad roadgasm is better than no roadgasm at all.”

I Didn’t Come……

Quite honestly, I didn’t come into the fete with the right attitude. I attended the fete as a reporter. As a member of the media. I had my critiquing eye on full blast and wasn’t able to turn it off as I do in other instances.  And with that being said, I was looking at everything for the purpose of writing and saw some great things but missed some others.   

Ever since elementary school we’ve heard and have been taught the old adage,  “Don’t Judge A Book By it’s Cover.”  But it’s so hard not to. We’ve been taught to prejudge situations for safety, to draw inferences from context clues and to compare and contrast in order to make informative guesses and decisions. 

I may have indeed made a mistake by leaving Viva La Carnival after being there for only 25 minutes.

Here’s how I may have messed up and in turn may have missed one of the best fetes of Miami Carnival

Quite honestly, I did not stay for much of Viva La Carnival. And a whole car full of my crew drove all the way to Viva La Carnival from Soca Brainwash and then turned around and left after they got there.


The Venue

It was because of the area of where the fete was located at the look of the venue. Quite honestly, if I wasn’t covering the fete for TriniJungleJuice, I would have done the same.  The location of the fete just looked a little bit iffy. It was located in an area that I probably wouldn’t frequent at this stage of my life and when you looked at the venue, it was in some lot with concrete walls and barbed wire on the top.

Now, I have no problem with any of this if it is billed as a J’Ouvert Party but all of the promo material and even the pricing has me thinking that this was going to be a super classy venue.  With that being said, I didn’t expect the neighborhood location, the fete location and the venue to have the presentation which it did have. For me, and others it was a complete turn off.  I would have not been comfortable getting out of my car and walking my wife into that fete per initial presentation.

And that was enough to throw me off a bit.  (And many of you all know how some ish can “throw you off” and you just can’t get your mind back into it. And that is what happened to me).

And I am the biggest proponent of you making the best of your time and quite honestly, I was not able to do it. And if the fete is in the same venue I will probably have a hard time coming……. to the fete again.

But…. Lauren Tho

So, I didn’t come………. into the fete with the right attitude to reach roadgasm but I can say this…. I get REHL close!!!!!!!!!

Jesus, Joseph and Mary!!!!!!!! I ran into this young woman named Lauren. Lauren gave me the SWEETEST WINE THAT I RECEIVED DURING ALL OF MIAMI CARNIVAL. PERIOD.  Lauren, who is thick like 2 pieces of provision with peanut butter slapped in between put a sweet wine on me and had me wanting to stay in the fete when I was on my way out.  And I would have stayed but I also figured, that the wine I just received was the wine of the night, so I was good.  And it was one of those wines that was so good that I, quite honestly, needed to leave or I would have been following behind her all night.  (Yes, it’s shameful but true).

Thanks Lauren, wherever you are.  :-)

Till de next time. 

Do Not Judge A Book
By It’s Cover

I am guilty of judging the book by its cover.  We all do it.

And quite honestly, sometimes we are right and sometimes we are wrong. 

I may have indeed made a mistake by leaving Viva La Carnival after being there for only 25 minutes.

The inside of the fete and the party was a beautiful experience.

And from the feedback from the patrons and the looks of the video below.

Miami Carnival 2016 | Viva La Carnival After Movie

We sought out to create a new experience, a party
for the people, by the people. What else can we say?
It was LIT!

Posted by Viva La Carnival on Friday, October 21, 2016

I most certainly did.  But….. there’s always next year.

Love, Peace and Soca.

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Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

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