After a bad ass J'Ouvert where I had the time of my life, the perfect cap to the day was DJ Private Ryan's Soca Brainwash. 

What made it so great for me was the people that I spent it with. My cousin Greg Beckford and I grew up together… wrestling, playing, fighting, going to church, partying and dancing with the Junkanoo during Miami’s Bahamian Goombay Festival back in the day.  We are grown now with kids and don’t see each other much but for the past few years during Miami Carnival we make sure to do one fete together. And we hang out, party and laugh our asses off.  This year was no different. Hanging with my big cousin is literally one of the highlights of Miami Carnival for me.

Soca Brainwash Is
The Greatest Fete Of
Miami Carnival

Without a doubt Soca Brainwash is the GREATEST fete of Miami Carnival. It may or may not be the best but it is the Greatest.

One of the things that make it so is the innovation of Ryan and his team.

DJ Private Ryan and his team have created a theme-based fete which mimics the setup and style of the EDM carnival scene. One where the DJ is the primary and central focus of the event not the musical artists as with other fetes.  The DJs and hype men such as:

Riggo Suave
Back To Basics
Lord Hype
DJ Private Ryan
…..graced the stage and provided eargasms for those in attendance.

What Is Soca Brainwash?

Soca Brainwash is a fete where fun and fete expectations are meant to deliver an experience in harmony with the theme.

It’s a fete where fetting becomes an ideal of social consciousness. Where the necessary medicine to cure today's social ailments are prescribed through and within the fete. 

In 2014 In TNT it was THE EVENT......

In 2015 TNT it was The Festival of Love

And we made love. Beautiful love. The colors, the races, the people, the diversity and the moment were all about love. And we all left The Festival of Love invigorated as well as spiritually and emotionally fed.

In 2015 Miami Bienvenido a Miami

It was the perfect fusion and blend of Miami's Latino culture fused with the culture of the many islands of the Caribbean. Bienvenido a Miami spoke to the re-creation and re-establishment of a harmonious relation between and among those of the Spanish and African diasporas.It essentially spoke to the current issue in Haiti and the Dominican Republic during that time while providing an overall tone of unity.

In 2015 and 2016 it was BIM Cooler in BIM

during cropover and it had the "BYOB" feeling that is provided by most cooler fetes

In 2016 TNT it was F.U.N.

......which was an acronym for Friends United in Numbers,  In this fete there was a child like motif and party theme for adults.  It was colorful with hundreds of balloons dropping down from overhead and it was just an overall good time.

In 2016 Miami it was…NEON

Neon was another colorful display but one that doesn’t ignore blackness but takes the color or contrast of black and makes it into a NECESSARY background in order to present all the other colors available.  NEON was about the display of all colors, races, backgrounds, orientations and beliefs coming together in the evening to have a good time while showing the best of yourself.

And the beautiful thing about each of these fetes is that they each have their own marketing run up, their own signature soca mix and their own theme that represents what the world should be about. And that is togetherness.

"Soca Brainwash is a fete that represents what
the world should look like." - Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

Soca Brainwash is more than just a fete. Soca Brainwash is a phenomenon.  It is a concept that was created from the feelings that we all experienced while listening to DJ Private Ryan whether in the car, on a piece of cardio equipment, in the gym or on the road.  Ryan was able to capture that feeling, break it down and create an experience which we affectionately call “Soca Brainwash.”

Here’s what I can tell you
about Soca Brainwash…….

YOU CAN LISTEN TO ALL OF THE COMPLAINTS AND THE BELLY ACHING AND THE GRIPING about liquor and all inclusives and fete prices and the sold out ticket process and everything else.  You can do it.  You can. But at the end of the day, YOUR GOOD TIME... is on you.  And you need to attend Soca Brainwash. It is a GREAT fete.  Just like Caesar’s Army AMBush, is the BEST PARTY that I have ever been to on the planet, I will tell you that Soca Brainwash is the greatest fete of Miami Carnival. The production ALONE is on another level. Those are the facts. And the fact of the matter is this….. SOCA BRAINWASH, is hands down, the greatest fete of Miami Carnival right now. That’s just all to it. I can sit here in from front of this computer and talk about vibes and ambience and the DJs and much as I want to. The bottom line is that, Soca Brainwash is a fete that you SHOULD NOT miss. PERIOD. 

In Miami SSS Blue J’Ouvert was the best fete of Miami Carnival 2016.
Soca Brainwash was the greatest fete of Miami Carnival 2016. 
And Vale is my favorite fete of Miami Carnival and I will talk about that more later.

(For the sake of clarity. GREATEST speaks to one's INFLUENCE  and BEST is an EVALUATION based issue.)

ACHING AND THE GRIPING about liquor and all inclusives and fete prices
and the sold out ticket process and everything else.  You can do it.  You can.
But at the end of the day, YOUR GOOD TIME... is on you." - Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

In CLOSING.... Here’s
what I can also  tell you

The feeling of this fete is AMAZING….. In Miami or TNT, the feeling that I have at soca brainwash is amazing and this year in Miami was no different.  Great times, great venue, great people and a great time. And of course...... Biggup To My Crew From The Virgin Islands!!! My boys make me feel like I'm honorary V.I.  :-)

Blessings From Here To There,

Rhadi Ferguson, PhD
"The Carnival Doctor"

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