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    ILAN All Inclusive 2018 Review

    For the second year in a row I was blown away, amazed and more than pleased with this fete. As I do all fetes that I review, I walked around and viewed the signage, the food stations, the bar serving process and the bathrooms.  And just like last year the ILan fete met my expectations and surpassed them.

    Fete with the Saints has done it again.  Four years after relocating from their Fredrick street campus, to "down grounds" the school's recreational facility, the quality, atmosphere, and service, remain exceptional.  One of five events that I attended this weekend with the Pumpers crew, and I can safely say that FWTS sets the standard for all inclusive carnival fetes. 

    I flew in from Trinidad to attend this event for coverage.

    On arrival I could see that everyone was ready to kick this thing off as the music was playing and everyone singing along to the popular Soca. Escorted by Police Officers and Security Guards, we started the show. As the fete continued, so did the people, dancing, wining and just overall having a great time especially celebrating entering into a new year!
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