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2010 Labor Day Parade (NY)
2010 Labor Day Parade

Sept 6th, 2010
Amnesia 2010 (New York)
Amnesia 2010

Sept 5th, 2010

Basic Sundaze J'ouvert Boat Ride (NY)
Basic Sundaze J'ouvert Boat Ride

Sept 5th, 2010

HD Family In Moka (New York)
HD Family In Moka

Sept 5th, 2010
Sunny Side Up NY (New York)
Sunny Side Up NY

Sept 5th, 2010
3 The Hard Way (New York)
3 The Hard Way

Sept 4th, 2010
Vale Vibe NY (New York)
Vale Vibe NY

Sept 4th, 2010
Sanit-Mani-Tay (New York)

Sept 3rd, 2010
Monday Night Madness (New York)
Monday Night Madness

August 30th, 2010

"TJJ State of Mind"

Some of the best events to wrap up the summer took place on Labor Day weekend, which was also the mark of a full year I’ve been working for with Trini Jungle Juice. The New York TJJ crew headed out for much fun with some TJJ familiar faces and our favorite Caribbean crews through the city. Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan were the spots for some of the hottest Labor Day Weekend fetes!

In Brooklyn, it started off with SantiManiTay, a mellow vibe to lime on Friday night in a social atmosphere with lots of drinks, tunes and good looking people.

Saturday night was pure vibes and a bunch of different scenes as the teams throughout the big city split up for one of the annual largest upscale Caribbean parties, Vale Vibe NY, then there was the HD Family smashing the place at Club Moka in Queens.

Sunday the fetes continued from the break of dawn with the maddest boatride of the year, Basic J'ouvert Boatride, Sunny Side Up NY Breakfast Party, and of course the top rated event of the weekend Amnesia! Those who did not make it to the boatride for duttiness and bad behavior, definitely made it to Sunny Side Up for a stylish outdoor venue, which also seemed to include a bit of bad behavior as well.

Running on beyond minimal sleep, after both fetes, ALL ROADS LED TO Amnesia to wrap up the Sunday night! Amnesia was packed with both familiar faces and a bunch of other partygoers that created a brand new crowd altogether. Performances by JW & Blaze, Swappi, and Shal Marshall in addition to a sick line up of DJs, created an insane vibe that mashed up the Village.

After a very exciting, yet draining weekend, Team TJJ NY found themselves on the Parkway for the 2010 Labor Day Parade. Some played mas and others scaled the crowd for lots of memorable moments. Definitely a memorable experience all in itself.

The first time I’ve made it through the entire stretch, with the band of the year, Ramajay! Everyone seemed to be behind one of the largest, well organized, beautiful bands on the Parkway. Bodies clad in bright colors and covered in sequins adorned the streets of Brooklyn for the Carnival experience.

We encourage you to add your comments to make mention of your favorite event this NY Labor Day Carnival 2010 season.

Reva aka Junior Juice

Signing out,
Reva aka Junior Juice

and The 2010 TJJ NY Carnival Team
Uptown Juice, Picture Dis Juice, Tumbles Juice and not forgetting Text-a-holic Juice

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