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Inferno Boat Jam'06
Date: Thursday 3rd August 2006
Location: Captain John's, Toronto
Promotions: Island Style
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Caribana Thursday was turning out to be a cold and wet night, but what better way to heat it up with a phenomenon performance by Bunji Garlin and Faye-Ann Lyons! Talk about FIYAH! TJJ's girls arrived around 11pm getting ready to go on board the Captain John's Harbour Boat Restaurant, located on Queens Quay & Yonge Street. Upon arrival, the parking lot was getting rammed up with cars and hot bikes, and not to mention de limer girlz and boyz. Everyone was seriously feelin' de Caribana vibes as they were getting ready to jam by going on board and going straight for the drink chits!!!

Of course TJJ gets on board and scopes out de scene, and comes across 3 different rooms filled with limers. We began with the outside crowd; everyone is just standing around chit chattin' and sippin' some nice rum while being entertained by the DJ. Basically a small crowd of people... then we moved on to the V.I.P's where it was mostly an older crowd just relaxing and enjoyin de night. It was not until we entered the main room that we realized 85% of the crowd was dancing up a storm and waiting on the performances to start. This crowd was a nice mix, both young and old enjoying themselves and dancing to the soca tunes.

Around 1'ish the performances began with Faye-Ann jumpin' up on top the DJ's table and gettin' the crowd bumpin' with her classical tunes such as "Freedom", "Display", "Wave", and "Focus." She had her fans singing along with her tunes, but of course she had the crowd goin' as they were waving their flags high and proud to her 2006 tunes like "That Is Carnival", and of course the sweetest one of all "Party"!

Bunji was welcomed on the table by the crowd hittin' the walls and screaming out "Brappppzzzzzz!!!" as he slowly took off his shades, gave a smile to his fans, and told the DJ "run dat track fuh meh please!" He began with "Right Now", and of course this had the crowd fannin', and we don't mean fannin' cuz it was real hot and humid in there, but they were well jumpin' up like crazy to de song. But of course let's not forget Bunji's big tunes, such as "Snake Oil", "Carnival Country", and "Blaze It Up". His 2006 tunes consisted of "Warrior Anthem", and of course "Bomb Song".

Towards the end of the show, Bunji began AMAZING the crowd with his performance singing, "Smokeee fire brigade, Smoke Smoke fire brigade." The crowd went nuts! And to top it off he began freestyling to "Ghetto Story," de TRINI version of course!!! He had the crowd singing along with every song, you could definitely tell they knew their Bunji tunes boy!!! However for the best song of all "Doi Festival," he started singing and wavin' his mic to the crowd tryin' to hear if they know de song, but de crowd wasn't feeling it as much as he wanted, so he gave the DJ a look an said "Nah DJ change dat track now! Nex tune, Nex tune."

Despite the intense heat felt within the boat, TJJ and the partygoers left Captain John's with all smiles (still dancing as they paraded off the ramp) to finally then end their wonderful night by the routine of lining up for some nice hot corn soup and not to mention de bake an salt fish! YUMMMMM!!!

This is Miss Malibu signin out for TJJ

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