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Carnival In Yuh Backyard 4.0
Date: Saturday 4th August 2007
Location: Soca Savannah @ Wild Water Kingdom. Toronto
Promotions: Higher Image,Trini South Boyz (TSB), Triple A Ent.
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Clear the way and make a stage!

Another year passed and Caribana Saturday is finally here again. Now de party to be at was definitely Carnival In Yuh Backyard 4.0 at the Soca Savannah with 4 acres of open land to fete and ah crowd of about 10,000.

We reach de fete just after 12am, and leh we jus say de line was down de road and around de corner and back around again.... lol. We swear there was about 3,000 people in de line when we reach! Thank goodness the TJJ family got the hook ups. No waiting in that line at'tall ~ which ah was impressed with ;-)

So when ah made it past all dem people, ah finally reach inside to see a few thousand people. Music was pumpin' and people were gettin' on bad. There were ah few alcohol tents where everyone was drinkin' their bellies full. Now with ah fete this big, yuh kno de music had to be rhel good.... playin' all our favourite chunes were Mr. Playhouse, Soca Vibes, Dr. Jay, MarXman, Renegade Squad, BASS and DOC which was live to air on CHIN radio. On the mic keeping the crowd alive and pumpin' were Giselle D'Wassi One (South FL) alongside E Man and Dirty Des (reppin' the hometown).

Now this is where it got rhel interestin'. The artists on board this fete were Biggie Irie, Kes and the Band with Nadia Batson, Crazy, Roy Cape All Stars with Blaxx & Olatunji Yearwood, Shurwayne Winchester, Fay Ann Lyons, Maximus Dan, Adesh Samaroo and JMC 3veni, all appearing on ah 4-storey TnT Carnival style stage.

The crowd was singin' and dancin' to all de big chunes comin from de turntables as well ah de live performances. People were fetin' like it was 40 degrees outside in comparison to the cold weather we came across that night. No matter how cold it got, the alcohol kept everyone nice and warm! No matter how busted people were from de parade earlier, everyone that made it down to CYIB 4.0 rhel jump, wave, wine and wukup all nite long!!!

See allyuh next year!!!!!!!!

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