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Glow Toronto 2007
Date: Friday 3rd August 2007
Location: Kool Haus. Downtown Toronto
Promotions: Island Style
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Why is it every time we go to a Glow fete is only Alison Hinds yuh hearing in yuh head? "Come back in de Glow... swing your body to and fro... we moving left to right... only WHITE we wearing tonight..." This year was no different - bodies would be swinging to and fro, and is ONLY white we wearing tonight! When TJJ entered the Kool Haus it was clear to see that this was going to be another 'cyah stop talking bout' event. From the line up outside, to the crowd inside, the atmosphere was filled with anticipation for a great Caribana 2k7, for this night and for de road jump up tomorrow.

On the inside amidst all the white you could see every single country flag raised to de ceiling, followed by a jump and ah wine. People were definitely having a great time, none of the 'bad boy' attitudes could be seen.... everyone in white didn't care who mash who or bounce into who.... jus nice vibez all round.

The flow of entertainment was smooth, with each Soca artist rockin' the crowd in their own unique way. The line up on the Glow Soca Train was Caribbean Traffik Jam with lead singers Shurwayne Winchester, Candy Hoyte with Sean Caruth, Bunji Garlin and the Asylum band, Fay Ann Lyons, Scar, Ninjitsu, Crazy and not mention Atlantik with the Queen of Soca Destra Garcia. As usual, it was not only the crowd who was hyped about the parade the next day, but some of the Soca artists couldn't wait to hit the Lakeshore to relax and enjoy the day before they were due to perform again the next night.

There was not a down moment the entire night. If an artist wasn't on stage performing then the DJs took over the bacchanal and carried the crowd with all the hottest Soca. Soca Monarchs, Hytek Sounds and De Professor.... great spinin' guys!

Lawd look at de time, it was 4am and party still going, but we had to leave and get ready to hit de road for the parade. Where de corn soup? Island Style, thanks for the usual love. We wonder how the Crop Over TJJ Team made out for Glow Barbados last night?

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