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IGNITE Miami Carnival Thursday'07
Date: Thursday 4th October 2007
Location: Big Fish. Miami FL
Promotions: TRIBE in collaboration with Island Elite
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TRIBE Ignite Carnival Thursday started in 2006 in Trini, then launched internationally in 2007, hitting the nation's capital for DC Carnival'07. We're not sure how they didn't take Ignite to Caribana this year (we'll see what we can do to take care of this for 2008), but TRIBE didn't stick for South Florida Carnival, teaming up with Island Elite (the good folks that gives us Big Phat Fish) to bring Ignite to the shores of Miami. Ah personally never do Ignite in T&T, but I did manage to witness de Ignite DC Carnival Experience in their collaboration with Basement Knok'ers, and let's just say that de party couldn't done.

So by now, it had X-amount of TJJ reps roaming around South FL. People confusing everybody with everybody else... but is all good. Ah forget de time, but ah remember de line. It was like a girl dat yuh wine on and didn't get her name.... de flash back does make ya smile. Real smallies in de line to get into Big Fish, a sure sign of ah good time!

On the inside, the party had that old school Anchorge vibe. A nice water front, cool breezes, sweet soca and swaying hips with the beautiful Miami skyline as a backdrop (photo). Ah fall in and meet and greet enough people to feel like it really was The Anchorage. Wait, is that uncle Stan all de way from Germany in de dance? Easy access to de bar, that wraps around a giant banyan tree (photo), and just as easy access to the bathrooms made both processes pleasurable. Bartender, another rounds please!

Carded to hold down the musical vibes for the night were Eternal Vibes, Private Ryan, Adrenalyn, Sprang Int'l (DC) together with TRIBE's resident DJ, Hypa Hoppa direct from Trinidad to excite the massive. With brief drizzles from the uncorporative skies throughout the night, it was pretty much easy juggling, and the party really peaked around 3am when Hoppie got on the mic to hype the Ignite crowd. Although there were no live performances, we did see Mr. Slaughter on the inside. Also, Ubma and Barry (Jugglers Sound) were taking it easy tonight.

At some point, must have been in de weeee hours of de morning, all massive and crew stagger to de parking lots once the bouncers start to ask people to leave. Who know the famous saying, "You don't have to go home.... BUT you need to get the hell up outta here!!!" We certainly max this one out.... and will again next year! Special thanks for TRIBE and gracious host Island Elite for taking care of the TJJ fam. Oh yes, how can we forget, much luv goes out to the hard working Big Fish bartenders.

Somebody, we need proper directions to Nocturnal.... and doh tell us it by the Denny's!!!

De TJJ Boy Scout & crew on to next event... Shine Breafast Party!

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