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Photos By Peter C.Q. & Ryan G.
Legacy Mas Band Launch 2K9 ... "Kingdom Of The Dragon"
Date: Saturday 18th October 2008
Location: The Anchorage. Chaguarams. Trinidad
Promotions: Legacy Mas Band - Big Mike & Friends

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Legacy’s Big Mike & Friends always cordially invites Trini Jungle Juice (TJJ) to the hosting of their carnival mas band launching, and this year was no different. As with the two previous years TJJ attended, the media is always given an intimate and V.I.P showing of the presentation before the general public. With this in mind, we headed down to The Anchorage to part take in the Media Pre-Launch.

Upon our arrival, we soon realized that there were some changes made to the program as compared to our past two years’ experience. Now we weren't too sure what the reasons were, but we really doubt that the changes made derived much benefit. The main down fall being that what was supposed to be a media showing, now appeared to be a presidential showing, as the models solely did a mas presentation for his excellency George Maxwell Richards, who is normally known to attend Legacy’s band launch. This made quite a few photographers unhappy. Some decided to make the most of the opportunity and capture the costumes regardless, while others waited for the public launch to follow.

With no time to waste, we soon decided to get up in the mix and catch a few costumes ourselves. That definitely turned out to be an excellent call, because all of a sudden, out of no where, came one devious down pour of rain. This pretty much ruined the presentation, which soon came to a temporary halt. With no roof and very limited shelter, folks soon began to scamper, looking for cover while attempting to dodge the massive falling droplets. Talk bout pressure!

The band launch soon became like a game of cricket and the rain definitely put a hold on things. We're not sure whether things recommenced or not, and as much as we would have loved to stay, our equipment wasn't as waterproof as we were; and mind you, we were drenched!!

Folks, we truly apologize for our partial coverage. Judging from what we saw, the costumes definitely had that special touch of sexiness, glitz and creativity. We guess ole mother nature was just being unpredictable as usual. Visit Legacy online at www.legacycarnival.com.

d’ Local Juice

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