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Date: Saturday 27th June 2009
Location: Abacus. 24 Cornhill. London, UK EC3V 3ND
Promotions: Busspepper Promotions

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Where in London can you find Oriental beauties in mini skirts and hot shorts, Caribbean food, hot Soca music and London’s hottest up and coming designers?? Busspepper's "Chic" is where it’s all at!! We have never seen so many half naked women, rocking designer wear, posing and dancing on tables in any one of these Caribbean events yet .... could this be the return of "Who say fabulous?!"

Well the Notting Hill Carnival 2009 season is well and truly underway, and honestly speaking, after last night’s true bacchanal in PoisonUK’s "Lava Foam Party" (view coverage), we looking forward to some chic ladies rocking the couture! DK Darlington and Van de Vlugt are the hot London designers in the house tonight AND with models fresh from Caribbean fashion week in tow.

Abacus, one of our favourite Busspepper venues, has been refurbished and a sneak peak downstairs when we reach showed that they have gone all out. They were taking the fashion show quite serious ... there was a kind of walk, stop, pose, walk again, pose thing going on ... yes that's right ... walk, stop, pose, walk again, pose thing going on .... complete with a catwalk to make Zoolander jealous (we should have dared the models to whip out their blue steel face)!! The evening began with the designer fashion shows .... firstly DK Darlington, followed by Trinidad’s own Van de Vlugt. The womenwear was fabulous ... we love the blue dress Van de Vlugt (photos 128) and we especially loved the err .. ahem ... ‘menswear’ or lack of menswear as some of the shipwrecked models later found out! Now that was a reason to be there alone ladies .... only ABS!!

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Photos By Amiel Barrimond
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After the show, we were treated to some funky tunes from DJ Markee and High Fidelity/Less than Zero, who had to make it from Trinidad just for this party. We got a real mixture of music for the night, we had to get get that ‘Boom Boom Pow’ ... we got to see all the ‘Single Ladies’ ... we see peeps ‘On The Spot’ ... we see the ‘Party Animals’ .. we see the ladies looking ‘Stunning’, we even got to chill with the ‘Ganja Planter’ BUT the highlight for the evening was being treated to K Marvel’s rendition of Machel’s Wild Antz video (photo 237) ... bess!!!

The sweet mixture of RnB, Reggae and Soca music continued throughout the night ... from the catwalk to the dance floor ... and Busspepper stepped up with something new this time too. Alonestar, an up and coming neo Hip Hop artist moved us smoothly through from the fashion show to the Shipwrecked Notting Hill preview.

This year Busspepper have teamed up with Incognito again following their successful ‘Shipwrecked’ sexy sailors last year (view coverage). This year they are Shipwrecked with a twist ... and definitely no rescue needed!! Did you see those ladies? WE LOVE YOU LONG TIME!! Some fresh faces rocked the preview selection of Incognito’s ‘Shipwrecked in the Orient’ and showed the 'supermodels' how to wine on the catwalk!! We love it! Busspepper/Incognito coming back with a full ‘Launch’ next month and all we can say is, "Where do we sign up?"

After a good few hours of models strutting through the city, a bevy of oriental beauties rocking the Orient and a live PA from Alonestar, we beat out!! Where is Hasan with that food? A quick break, some stew chicken... and a jug of pimms (after all it's summertime in London darling!) and we back on the dancefloor to get that boom boom pow (yes, again ... the Black Eyed Peas - the e.n.d.) .... until 4AM!!

The decision for Notting Hill is looking tougher and tougher and each party like they raising the bar. KMC at PoisonUK 'Lava Foam Party', Alonestar and designer wear at Busspepper 'Chic' and some real wile knock knee wining in Bacchanal Mas. Oh gosh ... it’s tough! There's 2 months to go until the highlight of the Caribbean calendar in London. Busspepper, you kick us off nice .... but now the bar has been raised. Who will bring us even hotter girls, hotter food, hotter costumes and bigger tunes next??!!

Roll on Notting Hill ... 64 days ... but we're not counting ... honest!!!

Beth for the TJJ fam
"The only thing constant is change" ... (Nam-myoho-renge-kyo!)
(Amiel contributed to this review)