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St. Lucia Carnival 2009 - Tuesday
Date: Tuesday 21st July 2009
Location: Castries. St. Lucia, W.I.
Promotions: Cultural Development Foundation, St. Lucia Tourist Board

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An Experience never to be Forgotten!

Carnival Monday morning, Soca pumping from every corner, everything running on schedule, and we're aiming to meet our band for 10AM ... TJJ in St. Lucia Carnival 2009!!

Now people J'Ouvert just finish a few hours ago, all the bands line up on the North of the island close to Caribbean Cinemas and we in "Toxik ... The Band". We're the last band on the stretch , just behind Rituals ("Mardi Gras" theme). D ting start!

Players International on the pioneers commencing the bacchanal, the drinks truck occupied with all masqueraders hassling for their drinks, and pizza sharing throughout the band.

Women - all walks, all races, all shapes and all sizes - were the finest and sassiest. Unlike Trinidad, where Carnival Monday you would see 95% of the masqueraders in a more relaxed 'dress down' mode, these mas revelers were in full costumes, as they flowed through the streets with a freeness that signaled the start of the bacchanal to come.

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Photos By Yohann G.
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Toxik's 2009 presentation was titled "Dreams....Living the impossible". All six (6) sections - Déjà vu, Wet Dreams, Dream Catchers, Dream Wonderers, Heavenly Dreams and Nightmares (males – Majee Noir/ Females – Banshe) - lined up one after the next as the feathers and mixed colours beautified the streets. Easy work as cooperation and cultural relativism makes it happen.

Walking through each mas band was a breeze, the first band being Just 4 Fun. Photos, jamming, drinking and socializing were on the agenda, not to mention the rain that fell bucket a drop. Lucian Soca was pumping through out Castries, with big selections such as Invader's "Canteen" (Campari Riddim) and Alpha's "What You Waiting For". And the V12 Riddim was pretty popular with Isla Man "Rockshun", Skinny Fabulous "De Beast Letgo" and Lucia's #1 Soca star Ricky T "Like A Jumbie", which won him another Road March title. Monday madness came to a good end. With plenty people 'head bad' (complimented with smiles), and the sun about to set, all music trucks stopped. So with rags in hand, everyone went home in anticipation of the next morning.

Carnival Tuesday started off quite different, with all masquerades out and lining up around 1PM (late eh?). With rain trickling in the midst, and revelers costumes missing something as it was either lost or destroyed from the rain the day before, today was the day for me to wear my costume.

D ting start all over again, but today, more sexy girls came out (with soft bumcees to wine on). Through the streets, especially when passing the judging points, all masqueraders had the 'get on bad, bad, bad, bad, bad' attitude and surely put on a spectacular show for the onlookers. Now the real madness started when Players International had the Toxik crowd, and even the Rituals revelers who were in just front, run around the truck as they mash up the place with a wicked selection of songs, especially, "Like A Jumbie".

St. Lucia Carnival was besss!! It was like a mobile all inclusive fete, equipped with live entertainment, sexy people, food and drinks. Also, the non-masquerades respect for the mas bands stood out in my mind as something we're not accustomed to ... they didn't try to storm or intrude at all. At 6PM, everything locked off, and I'm happy to report another safe, fun-filled carnival day in St. Lucia!

D' Young Juice